Leather Jacket Designs that will Trend this Winter

Fashion has a short and frenzied lifespan of a few months but the style has steady and tranquil existence for life that makes you stand out uniquely. Outfit defines your choices and reflects your inner self. Keeping in view the paramount significance of style, the utmost desire to be trendy and the determination to remain stylish must be applauded. Although, fashion magazines, blogs, articles and other advertisement platforms are flooded with the data and information about how to carry trends, yet, constructive and insightful analysis creates a vacuum. To fill the void, we are going to unveil interesting anticipations about leather jacket designs expected to be trendy this winter.

  1. The evergreen style in Classic Biker Jackets:

Biker jackets are always a sensation throughout winters. The stylish slim-fit design, multiple pocket arrangement, characteristic zip detailing, trendy vintage style and rich colors are the specs that keep the demand for biker jackets high throughout the winter. The anticipated trend for men in biker jackets this winter would be casual slim, handsome collar, short length biker jackets in black, rich brown and burgundy shades.

  1. Stylish Bomber Leather and Suede Jackets/Military-style Leather Jackets:

Classy is the outcome when simplicity and elegance combine. Slim-fit Bomber Leather Jackets or military-style leather jackets are the symbols of grace. Multiple pockets, high-end bomber jacket with web collar, basic round neck, wool lining with the patched or striped design will be common in girls and boys equally. Crystal The trendy style paired with sweatshirts will create a unique stylish look.

  1. Leather Coats with turn-down Fur Collar:

Thin leather jackets designed by a combination of leather and suede with soft Fur turn-down collar, polyester lining, conventional cuff style will be among hot sales this winter. The style complemented in black and brown colors for men and women will be among the best-selling products.

  1. Cheryl Cole’s unique style Leather Jacket:

Style is a perpetual entity that translates your personality in a glimpse of an eye. Being unique creates a signature style in clothing, yielding a distinguished identity. Crazy Stupid Love leather jacket introduced by Cheryl Cole with unique erect design collar having leather fringes on sleeves, half front and back is a special design for women. It will give you a fashionable and trendy look this winter.

  1. Asymmetric Leather Jackets:

Asymmetric category offers a diversified variety in terms of design. These jackets are designed for short as well as long lengths. A variety of designs in this category are most common in women. Leather Jacket in symmetric collar with a belt having front-side short and backside long in length creates a trendy look. Whereas, another design having a notched collar with a zipper in medium-long length gives a stylish appearance to women. Another asymmetric street-wear lapel top in biker style with full sleeves, made of soft leather, is the best suited for winter and autumn wear. The asymmetric front lapel gives a decent drape and makes you look more appealing.

  1. Open-front Cardigan Style Leather Jackets:

Leather jacket in waterfall open front cardigan design is easy to carry in winters. It complements the on-going dressing style for outdoor informal clothing. It also comes in PU Faux leather casual zipper Coat style, diagonal zipper with irregular large lapel classy style, and Faux soft short leather jacket having turn-down collar in Punk Bomber style. All these designs have their individual significance and their worth can be seen by how beautifully you carry them.

  1. Cropped Style Leather Jackets:

The best way not to overshadow your winter dress with fancy outerwear is to pair it up with a decent cropped leather jacket. If it matches in the shade with your slim-fit dress, go with it without giving a second thought and it won’t ruin your dressing style. Cropped style leather jackets are trendy among kids, teenager girls, and youthful women. These jackets are often found with embellishment. Cropped leather jacket with metal hardware is great to go with lacy and slim-fit dresses for female.

  1. Quilted or padded leather Jacket designs:

Quilted shoulder style has been in fashion, whereas padded sleeves in leather jackets also grasped a fair share in stylish winter clothing. This year, a blend of quilted front and padding in jackets will capture your attention. Slightly over-sized quilted jackets will be trendy in men and women this winter.

Leather Jackets can never go obsolete in any era. Be it cheap designer clothing, bespoke suits or informal dressing, leather jackets are ready to pair with all. The grace and attitude these jackets bring to your personality are irreplaceable. So, make your winters classy in trendy leather jackets!

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