5 Bedroom Ideas For A Makeover On A Budget

5 Bedroom Ideas For A Makeover On A Budget

Change the Layout

We start with this tip since it is the only one that is free. You only need to rearrange the bedroom and change the place of some pieces of furniture. If your bedroom is small, you might think there are not many options but you can always get rid of some unnecessary items like old lamps, storage baskets, an old TV, etc. Another drastic change is the repositioning of your bed, which is the main point of your bedroom. Remember, it is better to have a minimalist bedroom than to have a bedroom crowded with old and ugly items.

Paint the Walls

Just think about what occupies the biggest part of your room. If you said walls, the answer is correct. Whether you’re painting your walls in a plain white color or you have decided to have a new bold color, this will give a different and fresh look to your bedroom. If you don’t like the extremes, think about pastel shades or a nice beige color that will give warmness to your bedroom. Look for some bedroom color ideas and make sure to order testers first so you can see how it looks.

Additional tip: match the drapes or curtains with the walls. You can find some long and elegant ones that would give a lavish look to the bedroom without being too expensive.

Adjust the Lightning

Some new light bulbs or a lamp don’t cost a lot but can give a new touch to the ambiance of your bedroom. The lighting in your bedroom should make the atmosphere inviting and warm. Some nice yellowish light is perfect. Bedside lamps can be a good solution. Don’t use lighting that is too strong or looks too artificial because other than being unhealthy for your sight, it will look too cold or aseptic. Your bedroom is not supposed to look like a pharmacy.

Choose a New Carpet

Imagine waking up and stepping on a soft and nice carpet that will make you feel cozy and comfortable. This simple change can affect very much how your bedroom looks. If you think that you need to invest a lot of inexpensive carpets, you are wrong. There are wholesalers where you can buy them for a very reasonable price. Look for some carpet warehouse on the internet and you might be surprised by the options it offers. If your walls are painted in some simple and calming color, maybe the carpet is the one that should break the monotony and have some interesting geometrical design or even be fluffy, the choice is yours.

Get a Nice Bedlinen

Look for some bed ideas since the bed is the focal point of the entire bedroom and the most important piece of furniture. If your bed is not the best one or if it’s old, you can hide it by purchasing fancy bed linen that would cover the whole bed and make an impression that it is bigger and cozier than it is. If you add some nice cushions, your bed will look like a hotel bed.

Get some Good Furniture

Furniture should be both aesthetically pleasing and practical, so make sure it fulfills both purposes. If you don’t want to spend too much money on brand new furniture, check some hacks that could help you change your existing pieces of furniture into different ones. By upgrading them this way, you save money and can get more space in your bedroom and also some innovative ideas like turning your ottoman into an office organizer and similar.

These have been some of the basics ideas for a budget makeover. You can probably find a lot more on the internet, but we have provided you with the necessary information to have a makeover that is not supposed to be too expensive or to last for a long amount of time. Be creative and innovative and get the maximum out of the given space you have. If you are not ready for some drastic changes, go slowly and start with the options that can be reversible, like repositioning the bed. Then make your bed nice and finally take care of details such as colors of the lighting, walls and some nice carpet to make every part of your bedroom comfortable.

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