5 Simple Window Washing Tips For Streak-Free Windows

5 Simple Window Washing Tips For Streak-Free Windows

Windows do a lot for people’s homes, but people often seem to neglect it when it comes time to clean them. Of course, some people had negative experiences when they were cleaning their windows.

A lot can go wrong for such a simple cleaning task. This includes leaving streaks behind, staining the glass, or destroying the window frames.

Worry no more! That’s because, in this article, you’ll discover five simple window-washing tips that will help you avoid streaks on your windows:

Use distilled water

The first thing you should consider would be the water that you use when you wash your windows. Usually, it doesn’t matter where you get your water from, but with glass, it’s a lot trickier than that. Since glass is made of transparent material, the water stains and blemishes can be too noticeable.

For example, if the water flowing out of your tap is hard water, it has a high concentration of minerals. These minerals create streaks of mineral deposits when you use them to wash windows.

Your best bet would be to use distilled water when you’re cleaning the windows. They won’t leave those streaks, mainly when you use them with your window cleaning solution.

Put your vinegar to work

If you’re interested in using a homemade cleaning solution, you should include vinegar as one of your go-to cleaning ingredients. This is also handy for cleaning windows.

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning ingredient for almost anything out there. Another benefit to it would be that it’s quite likely that you have it in your pantry. It’s also quite cheap to buy vinegar, and you can use it for a lot of things.

Much like the water, you want to get yourself some distilled white vinegar for cleaning your windows. It’s acidic and anti-bacterial and safe for many people and pets. Of course, you should expect the aroma, but it won’t stick around for too long. If it bothers you, you can use vinegar on the outside of your windows.

Put away your paper towels

According to EcoPro, a company that provides commercial window cleaning in Auckland, the use of paper towels to clean windows is one of the most common misconceptions when cleaning windows. They’re not even the second-best tool to wipe your windows with. So you shouldn’t include them in your window-cleaning arsenal.

Paper towels leave a streak with each stroke, and they also leave behind lint all over the window. The best tool you can have would be a squeegee or even a microfiber cloth. If you want to stick to paper, then use newspapers that aren’t glossy instead of your paper towels.

Remember not to spray your window cleaning solution directly on the glass, though. Instead, spray it on your cloth or newspaper so that your window frame won’t corrode from the cleaning solution.

Do a quick buff using a dry cloth

After you finish washing the windows with your cleaner and water, you might happen to find a few frustrating streaks.

You can get rid of it by buffing and cleaning over these problematic areas using a dry microfiber cloth or chamois. Do it after the window is dry, and it should get rid of the stains.

Stay on top of your window cleaning

Now that you know how to get a streak-free window, you must stay on top of your window cleaning situation. When you see that your windows are accumulating dirt, don’t push off the task any longer. Grab your microfiber cloth and your cleaning solution and get to it.

There is no specific schedule when it comes to window cleaning. It will depend on the status of your windows. If you live in a rainy or dusty place, you often watch for your windows’ cleanliness. If you live someplace near a big industrial area, you also need to be wary of your windows’ cleanliness more.

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