7 Smart Tips to Avoid Checked Baggage Fees

One of the biggest challenges that you need to deal with often when you’re traveling is packing. To some people, it comes naturally to them, but a lot of people still struggle with packing their things when they travel.

Of course, this is for a good reason. You have to manage a lot of logistical concerns when you consider what to pack after all. 

Sometimes no matter how systematic and detailed you are with the items that you bring, you might still need to check in some pieces of your luggage.

It can be very inconvenient to have to check in your baggage. Not only is it because you have to keep track of them but also because there are checked-baggage fees. 

For frugal travelers out there, checked baggage fees are a huge inconvenience. If you’re one of those travelers looking to escape the checked baggage fees, then here are some tips that you can apply:

Choose airlines that offer free checked bags

A lot of airlines these days charge you to check in your baggage.

One of the best ways you can avoid paying for the check-in bag fees is simply by looking for airlines that don’t charge you for any checked luggage you might have. There are still some out there that offer free checked bags, so consider looking for them. 

You can have great luck finding airlines that offer free checked baggage if you are going on an international flight. Remember to check your chosen airline website to find out whether or not they charge for a check-in.

Pay attention to your airline’s policy

Double-checking your chosen airline’s policy is going to assure you that you are paying for everything that you need to.

A lot of airlines might have more complicated rules that apply to check-in luggage. For example, your checked-in baggage might be free depending on your destination or class of service. 

Paying attention to your airline’s policy is going to save you a lot of money. So remember to have a copy of the relevant information regarding checked baggage fees on hand.

You can also consider keeping the webpage on your phone if you are looking on their website. That way, you can show any airline employee questioning you about it.

Open the right credit card

Another way you can avoid paying for checked baggage fees is by having the right credit card.

Some airlines create partnerships with certain credit card companies. This partnership will create benefits for the users when they opt to use an airline that is a partner of their credit card provider.

You must read through the benefits of individual credit card companies first if its for travel. Some airlines offer discounts for different credit card companies. Others also waive away the checked bag fees if you use the credit card of their partner companies.

If you don’t have a credit card yet, then do your research if you are planning on using this credit card for travel. 

Join a program for frequent flyers

If you’re someone who travels frequently but also has a lot of checked-in baggage, then you will benefit from a frequent flyer program.

A regular flyer program is a loyalty program created by most, if not all, airlines. Usually, the members of this program are those who reached a certain travel mileage using the same carrier.

A frequent flyer program will give benefits, such as waived baggage fees. This is in addition to other rewards that you can redeem the more that you travel.

Pack lightly

To avoid the issue of checked pieces of baggage all together, you should start developing a habit of packing light.

If you are a frequent traveler, then learning how to pack light is going to be a skill that you need to master eventually. Besides, in the long run, it’s going to benefit you during your travels to have light luggage with you.

One way to help you pack light is to create a list of all of your essentials and sticking to it when packing. Another way you can pack light is by doing it early.

Panic packing might be the reason why you’re bringing items that you don’t need with you. By learning to pack light, you reduce the things that you bring for just-in-case moments. 

Weigh your luggage beforehand

If you can’t avoid checked baggage fees, then at the very least, you can reduce the expenses that you’ll incur.

Each airline is different when it comes to their checked luggage rules. Look it up first before you pack, so you know what you’re working with for packing.

Also, don’t try and pack to the limit so that you still have space for any extra things, such as souvenirs, that you might bring with you back from your travels.

Consider shipping your luggage

One way to avoid paying for checked baggage fees is by shipping your luggage to your destination beforehand.

To be able to pull this off, you need to check whether the price is worth it compared to the checked baggage fees. You should also see whether your timing will fit with the arrival of your luggage.


Checked baggage fees are something that any traveler wants to avoid, although it cannot be helped at times. The seven smart tips listed above can help you prevent or reduce your checked baggage fees. Apply these for your next trip and see how much you can save!

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