8 New Digital Marketing Trends You’ll See In 2021

8 New Digital Marketing Trends You'll See In 2021

As we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s high time that you look ahead and know what the most innovative trends that are coming our way next year are, 

To develop a solid plan for the short term, you need to keep a close eye on where you’ll be heading in the long run. 

At Mind Mingles (digital marketing agency,) we always tell our clients that they need to keep a close tab on the latest data and trends to check for opportunities. In the same way, you should also have plenty of room for growth and be flexible with your marketing strategy.

Here are the eight digital marketing trends that you’ll likely see this 2021:

1. Artificial Intelligence

As of the moment, Artificial Intelligence has secured its place in the business and marketing world.

One of the primary purposes of AI for your digital marketing campaign and strategy is to improve communication, analyze customer data, and readily track your sales. 

Apart from that, AI is handy in predicting your customers’ behaviors, decreased workloads, and other more complex tasks for your employees. 

Marketers have been applying AI in their processes, and it is expected to grow up to 53 percent this year. 

2. Featured Snippet

If you’re a business who wants to attract more traffic to your site, maybe you’ll experience low traffic as it’s Google who hands your prospects the answer. 

Fortunately, having these snippets doesn’t always spell bad news. When search engines utilize your site to display information to users, it means that you’re somehow providing them with valuable content. 

A great tip here is to place something in your snippets that will draw users and compel them to click something on your site. 

There are several ways you can do this. Update your page titles, indicating what searchers will be getting the moment they get to visit your site. How can you make that ‘how-to’ list a little longer while staying accurate? 

That way, your snippet information is cut off, and users have to click through to see the full list? You can also utilize schema to improve your content and give details on your site’s authority and trustworthiness, such as reviews and ratings. 

3. Google Tag Manager

Google offers this free tool that allows users to track particular events and website actions without getting to the developer. 

Your site’s data can then be shared with third-party platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, Linked In Campaign Manager, and so on. 

It provides more customization and allows you to get the information you need as you deliver the most effective message to your audience. 

4. Ecommerce

E-commerce shopping has grown to be an international phenomenon, and the pandemic has shown many businesses why this is especially important. 

It is predicted that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be already made in e-commerce. 

These data are telling. When the pandemic broke, businesses who are unable to transition to e-commerce eventually shut down. 

Therefore, this highlights why you should allow online shopping to your customers. 

5. Shoppable posts

As you know, one of the biggest platforms in digital marketing is social media. 

You’ll be shocked by the number of people who are shopping on these social media platforms. 

According to data, 60% of Instagram users search for new and latest products on Instagram.

Without a doubt, people will most likely buy if you offer them a streamlined shopping experience. Therefore, you need to maximize these apps’ features to sell to users across various platforms directly. 

6. Voice Search

Although not part of the Google Algorithm, Voice Search is dictating the current search results. 

Queries being made via voice search will often produce different results compared to if the user used a text-based search. 

SEO-wise, it’s excellent if businesses use voice search components for users and prospects who are adopting or switching over with this kind of medium. 

7. Nostalgia Marketing

In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, looking back at the past can offer comfort to many people. 

This kind of marketing strategy took off last year, and what made it so useful is that it made more and more people are more willing to spend on consumer goods and services. 

8. Google Verified Listings

If you’re a local business, listing your business in Google’s Verified Listings that provides users valuable information is incredibly helpful. 

Doing so establishes your business’s geographical location, making it easier for users and would-be customers to find you.

Over to You

So there you have it. Those are the top marketing trends that you should be aware of. Hopefully, these strategies and tips we’ve provided will give you all the useful information, or work with one of the best digital marketing services so that you need to jumpstart your digital marketing strategy this 2021.

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