Aruba travel guide

Aruba is exotic and picturesque. It is a place where you can get authentic Caribbean experience. After arriving at Aruba, you will find that it is a place that seizes your heart. In fact, many people keep coming back for more. Aruba is located in the heart of the Caribbean sea. To be precise, it is located approximately twenty miles of the northern coast of Venezuela. The capital city of Aruba is Oranjestad, which is located at the western portion of the country. Aruba has sunny and dry climate with average annual temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius.
During October and November, the temperature is lower due to the trade wind from the north. When visiting Aruba, you shouldn’t be worried by strong weather, because it is not affected by hurricane. This should make your trip more enjoyable regardless of the season. When visiting Aruba, you should also pay attention to the wonder of its culture. The country has an interesting racial mix. Due to the colonial influence, the official language of Aruba is Dutch, but you can also find traces of French, Spanish, Portuguese, English African language and Arawak Indian.
The local currency is Aruban florin, however, US dollar is widely accepted. Citizens of the United States and Canada don’t require visa or passport. However, upon arrival, you will need to show birth certificate and ID card to confirm your identity. Air transportation services are available through American airlines, Air Transat, KLM, Air Canada and various chartered flights. In Aruba, you could choose different kinds of transportation services, such as jeeps, limousines, motorcycles, bicycles, taxi, scooters and limousine. Aruba isn’t a large island and it should be relatively easy to reach any area within a day. This makes Aruba a worthwhile place to visit, because you don’t need to spend much time.
When visiting Aruba, you should know that the island is not just about beach and sand. There are numerous historical sites that you may visit, such as the William III Tower, which is the oldest building in Aruba. In Balashi, you can find a 19th century gold smelting plant. If you love to dive you should go to the south western part of the island. There are more than forty registered diving sites around Aruba. Beginners could dive the wreck of Pedernales, a ship that sunk in World War 2, after being torpedoed by a German submarine. After enjoying the marine wonder of Aruba, you should contribute by participating in regular reef clean up programs.
There are various activities that visitors can enjoy in Aruba, such as sightseeing, shopping, deep sea fishing, golfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, windsurfing and various water sports activities. Once you arrive in Aruba, you can find that your option is virtually endless. There are so many things that you can do in a such wonderful paradise. So, if is quite clear why many people keep on coming back to this wonderful island. So, the next time you seek a wonderful tropical enjoyment, Aruba should be high on your list.

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