Creative tips and tricks for spring makeup

The right makeup is very important for most women. We all want to look fresh and attractive the moment we get up from our beds and applying makeup is the fastest way to achieve it.

Of course, a simple application of makeup doesn’t always guarantee you’ll look great for a long time. A couple of tips and tricks can go a long way if you are willing to introduce some changes into your makeup style.

1. Introduce a colored eyeliner

Why not bring some color into your life and on your face? If you change the color of your eyeliner, it could easily make your eyes look brighter and bigger. If you usually use black eyeliner, try switching to indigo, olive or even plum. Black usually closes up the eye, while other colors, even brown, can add brightness and open your eyes.

2. Make a statement with your lips

This isn’t just about red lips that are always effective. Play with other bright colors and show how playful you can be. Purple and orange as effective as red but they also represent an element of surprise – it’s unexpected and quirky. You can also go indie like back in the 90s – brown lips are hot again, so why not try that?

3. Your lashes can look wet, too

You know the way you lashes group together when you get out of water? Why not create that look even when you’re not even near the pool? There’s something sexy about wet eyelashes and it’s not that hard to achieve that look. You can apply a brow set on the eyelashes first, then put a black mascara as a top coat. The result will be like you’ve just gone out of a pool.

4. Go crazy, go glittery

The newest glitter trends are not so reminiscent of the 80s disco era. They are more futuristic, modern and are trying to introduce something new. Using glitter in makeup has become a form of art. Many professional makeup artists like the ones in Creative Faces enjoy coming up with new ways to decorate your face with glitter. Whatever you choose to do with the glitter on your face, it will definitely add some shine. You can even add a few faux freckles across the bridge of your nose. Alternatively, you can spread some glitter on the center of your eyes to make them pop.

5. Monochromatic approach

Playing with colors doesn’t always mean going nuts with different colors. The monochromatic look can be as effective as a colorful look. The technique means using similar shades for your whole face to achieve something unique. You eyes, cheeks and lips should look similar in terms of shades. You can go for a fresh, cheerful look by using pink shades. On the other hand, brown shades will add some glamour to your look.

6. Make your skin radiant

A fresh-faced glow will never go out of style. It instantly opens up your face, making you look well-rested and radiant. Skip the full-coverage foundation for this trick. It’s better to invest more in makeup products that also serve as skincare products. A tinted moisturizer is a great alternative for heavy foundations. There are also some sunscreen products that also provide coverage, make your skin glow and protect it from the UV rays. What else could you ask for?

All in all

Spring makeup means allowing colors into your life and enhancing the fresh, radiant look. The more makeup tricks you try, the more you’ll know what works best for your skin tone, eye color and personal style. Just keep on experimenting – in the end, wearing makeup is supposed to be fun!

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