Croatia travel guide

Croatia offers unspoiled charm of the Mediterranean region. There are many delights that you can find in this small country. In Croatia, you will find craggy coastline, along the refreshing fragrance of herbs, shrubs and trees. Scents of wild thyme, mint and garden sage will blend into an amazing combination as you walk through the wilderness or local market. Just like in any Mediterranean country, you may also find significant presence of olive oil in local cuisine. When traveling in Croatia, you should visit the blue Adriatic coast.

You will see the rippling wavelets that caress the pristine shore, with its wonderful aims of algae and salt. The generally sunny Adriatic weather during the summer will make the sea surface dazzles like shining diamond. There are hundreds of islets and reefs in the area, along with the secluded bays and coves. The green pine trees on the hillsides seem to greet any traveler as they walk along the coastline. This may seem like a fairy tale land and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to fully relax and enjoy everything. There are many things to do in Croatia.

In Croatia, you can find places with historical and cultural significance. When visiting the country, you will be sure that it is a moment that you will remember for a lifetime. Among many things that you can visit in Croatia is various film – related events. There are multiple film festivals that are held in Croatia.

  • Pula film festival: the film festival began when local historical locations of Arena and Kastel. The Pula film festival is an attractive outdoor festival and it is something that you need to visit. The festival boasts an atmosphere of historical depth. Through the years, the Pula film festival upholds is long, rich standing tradition. You should visit it, if you are a film enthusiast or just an ordinary moviegoer who just happens in the area. One highlighted segment of the festival is the film screenings at Kastel. It would be a great opportunity, if you can attend the screening of local and international films.
  • Motovun film festival: the Motovun film festival is held annually in August and the town has become an important film center in Croatia. The town of Motovun is beautiful and enchanting. Perched on a steep mountainous area, Motovun is an idyllic spot for any event. It is an event that you should visit if you appreciate any independent film production. Each year film makers are competing to set a new standard of innovative filmmaking technique. The Motovun film festival is a five – day marathon and it should be able satisfy the demand of any film enthusiast.

Whatever path that you take when traveling through Croatia, you should find something that amazes you. The country is replete of many wonderful things that you should experience. To get the best experience, it is a good idea if you hire the service of a reliable travel agency. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the most wonderful excursion option in the country. .

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