Dos and Don’ts to Consider After Hair Transplant Surgery

Dos and Don’ts to Consider After Hair Transplant Surgery

Surgery sounds like a horror movie, but it gives us a chance to live the quality of life. But you should know that every surgery leaves some effects on our body. When it comes to hair transplant surgery, you want the best results because it affects your appearance.

People who have lost their hair want to look young and charming once again. That’s why they want to go under hair transplant surgery despite the fear of pain. But people often take hair transplant surgery for granted.

Here, we have come with some facts that you need to avoid.

Things to Avoid For Hair Transplant Post-Surgery 

Dos – Sleep With Your Head Elevated

For the first seven days, you should not sleep in a bad body position. Sleep with your head elevated until you notice a reduction in swelling. Researchers say that only a few people experience swelling or some go for only a few days. You can watch your favorite shows and enjoy quality time.

Apply Ice

After a hair transplant, you should apply ice above your eyebrows. The cold will prevent you from swelling that you may experience after three to four days.

Do Ask Someone to Drive

You should not even think about driving after the surgery. We are not saying that it’s sedation but still, ask your friends or family members to drive you home.

Don’t forget to drink water

We always drink water, water, and water. But here, you need more water than usual. Staying hydrated will make you feel more comfortable. Hydrated bodies tend to recover faster. You can ask your loved ones to remind you of water or download an app for alerts.

Don’t sleep on your stomach 

Do you remember what sleep position is your favorite? After surgery, you need to focus on your body position while sleeping. Try not to rub your hairline on the pillow. It’s not a big but a small compromise to get the desired results.

Don’t Scrub Your Hair 

For a few days, you should not think about using a shampoo or to scrub your head. After 48 hours, you can wash your hair but make sure that you do not go aggressively. Before you try anything, ask your doctor.

Don’t ignore the Medications

People ignore the fact of labeling and medications. Researchers from khattak medical center say that avoiding antibiotics increases the risks of infection. Some medicines have some labels to not lift the heavyweights or operate with machines. You need to read the prescription letter carefully when and how you need to take a dose.

Don’t Dye Your Hair

Dyeing color has unlimited chemicals that can damage your scalp if you apply it right after a hair transplant. If you can’t go without a smooth color, you should get it done before surgery. Your scalp needs much care, but dyeing can cause serious damage.

Don’t Drink Alcohol or Smoking 

People who drink a lot should avoid alcohol after hair transplant surgery. Our body needs water for fast recovery, but alcohol can delay it. Dehydration causes discomfort and elevates your blood pressure. You are at high risk of reaching dangerous blood pressure if you don’t quit smoking after the hair transplant.

Do Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Post-surgery demands extra care. Direct sunlight exposure can result in sunburn and delay your recovery. You need to stay inside between the peak hours 10 am to 2 pm.

Don’t Eat Fast Food

Fast foods give nothing but empty calories. Your hair also needs nutrients for healthy growth. You need to take a healthy diet that can provide the required minerals and proteins.

Avoid the Physical Activities

Dermatologists suggest not lifting heavy weights for one week after the hair transplant. You should not bend forward excessively for one week. Go with good body postures.

Final Thoughts

My cousin also had a hair transplant in Peshawar, but he did not follow the medications that resulted in infection. No matter how long you need to take antibiotics, you should not skip on them.

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