Exotic Cars: 5 Models To Rent For A Hot Summer Vacation

Exotic Cars: 5 Models To Rent For A Hot Summer Vacation

For some people, summer is just the time of year, and someone can’t imagine themselves in the short hot months without traveling in an exotic car. If you relate to the latter, then you probably thought about how wonderful it would be to spend an amazing road trip, for example, to the most interesting places in the UK.

Highly developed road system contributes to a comfortable journey, and such car rental services as Rental24.co.uk allow you to choose a beautiful car for your trip. Do you need a rental car at Edinburgh airport or anywhere else? No problems. Just fill out the search form and get a list of available options. Moreover, you can compare providers offering exotic car rental Pittsburgh PA for various parameters, including price, terms, cost of additional equipment and much more.

Do you think that summer road trip is what you want to experience in the nearest future? Then check out some cool exotic cars to let you truly enjoy your vacation!


Exotic Cars: 5 Models To Rent For A Hot Summer Vacation

The BMW Z4 is a compact rear-wheel drive premium roadster with a folding soft top that combines elegant design, a luxurious interior with a double layout, a progressive technical component and a rich level of equipment. It’s a perfect car for successful and ambitious people who want to get the most out of driving, and also like to travel long distances.

The exterior of the BMW Z4 combines classic Bavarian brand design features and modern fashion trends, but it’s not obvious that the roadster is fully consistent with the canons of automotive beauty, although it looks quite attractive, sporty and balanced.

Inside the car meets its passengers with the so-called “virtual cockpit” – in front of the driver’s eyes are a liquid crystal dashboard with scales and a 12.3-inch touchscreen of the iDrive multimedia system, which leads the dashboard. 

This exotic car will give you many kilometers of driving pleasure and make your trip truly luxurious.

Porsche 911

Exotic Cars: 5 Models To Rent For A Hot Summer Vacation

Porsche 911 is a premium rear-wheel or all-wheel drive sports exotic car with a rear-engine layout and a 2+2 interior formula that combines the most advanced engineering developments to defeat rivals on the track and adaptability for daily use. The car is popular with stylish people who prefer driving an exotic vehicle.

Despite the visual similarity with all the predecessors, the last model of the 911 was improved in all respects without exception: it was slightly enlarged in size, received a completely new, but recognizable interior and replenished its functionality with modern systems. In addition, the car was equipped with a modernized engine and a new robotic transmission, which added it more dynamics.

Audi TT

Exotic Cars: 5 Models To Rent For A Hot Summer Vacation

Audi TT is a front-wheel or all-wheel drive compact sports car of a premium class, available in two body styles: a two-door coupe and a convertible with a soft folding roof. Combining stylish design, innovative technical “stuffing” and sporty character, this car will perfectly suit active people who want to stand out from the rest and show their advantage.

Outside, the third-generation Audi TT looks attractive, balanced and really bold, and there’re no conflicting solutions in its appearance. The car exudes aggression by its narrow LED headlights and radiator grille. At the rear, the car boasts a calmer, but solid and massive shape with angular lights, an elegant spoiler and two large-caliber pipes of the exhaust system.

The interior of the sports car is characterized by impeccable ergonomics, first-class finishing materials and high build quality. What else do you need for a comfortable road trip?

Mercedes-AMG SLC 43

Exotic Cars: 5 Models To Rent For A Hot Summer Vacation

The Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 is a high-performance version of the premium rear-wheel drive compact roadster that has an elegant design and a truly racing character. Its main target audience is young and energetic people who want to get a fast and maneuverable car for a road trip.

Inside, the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 can be recognized against the background of the civilian model only with a sports steering wheel with a truncated rim at the bottom, expanded carbon fiber trim, AMG nameplates and seats with improved lateral support. The rest is complete parity: an attractive, modern and ergonomic interior made exclusively from expensive finishing materials and a trunk with a volume of 225 to 335 liters, depending on the position of the roof.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Exotic Cars: 5 Models To Rent For A Hot Summer Vacation

Jaguar F-Type Coupe is a rear-wheel or all-wheel drive exotic coupe of a premium class, combining elegant design, excellent driving characteristics and a decent level of practicality. The car looks really stunning – the beautiful, graceful and dynamic shape of its body is truly mesmerizing.

The interior of the Jaguar F-Type immediately adjusts to a sporty mood – this is facilitated by a driver-oriented cockpit, visually separated from the passenger area, which boasts a relief steering wheel with a three-spoke design and a combination of instruments with two deep speedometer/tachometer recesses and a color display of the onboard computer between them.

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