Fishing trip to Alaska

The wilderness of Alaska offers us plenty of outdoor activities, including fishing. Landing a 20lbs king salmon is a wonderful experience for any beginner and it is also the same thing for veteran anglers who can finally catch a 100lbs halibut. After a fishing excursion from Alaska, you may finally come up with stories that your fishing buddies won’t believe. One advantage of outdoor fishing is that we can great excitement with minimal gear. Just by traveling five miles from your lodging, you can start to experience the start of an adventure. After it is the last final frontier in the United States. Many of the best fishing spots in Alaska can be reached only with plane and boat. If you are not familiar with the wilderness of Alaska, then it is a good idea for you to hire a guide.

Fishing guides should help you to maximize any fishing opportunity. You should get any best spot for fishing. The guide should also inform you about the local regulation about fishing. This will ensure that you can stay productive. The most common fish in Alaska is typically the sockeye salmon. This fish is strong and could swim continuously against the river current. When a sockeye salmon take your hook, it will explode with power. The fight can be so fierce that only a third of the hooked sockeye salmon will end up in the frying pan.

Soothe type of fish that you should be aware of is the king salmon. The epicenter of king salmon in Alaska is Seward, with fishing season that starts on May. Silver salmon can be found both in the sea water or fresh water depending on the season. The season for silver salmon fishing is between July and September. The best way to catch silver salmon is through trolling. Based on local regulation, you can only catch three fresh water and six sea water silver salmon each day.

If you ever see a picture of people who catch a big fish in Alaska, then it is probably a halibut. It is fairly normal for people to get a 50lbs halibut in Alaska. If you are persistent, it is not impossible to land 100lbs halibut. This fish is known for the mild flavor and available in enormous proportion. It takes plenty of sport to catch a halibut. However, it is preferable for you to release most of the caught halibut, so they will grow bigger and can give you more excitement in the future.

Long cod can also be found in abundant number in Alaska. It can be found near rocky areas. King cod can be found around rockfish and silver salmon. Ling cod may not look pretty, but it is a real delicacy among cold water fishes. You can go fishing as a cruise passenger. Cruise lines could bring you to areas that are inaccessible by car. They may also process and cook your catch, so it will be a wonderful experience. When fishing in Alaska, you need to use common sense, don’t catch more than you need, especially during summer, if you don’t have property refrigeration facility nearby.

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