Holistic Approach to Goal Settings

Our modern society has problem with goal settings. Our typical goals may be much more money, a bigger house, a new car or a new yacht. Unfortunately, our goals can be made for all the wrong reasons. A goal may sound positive, but it’s probably not too meaningful for our well being and happiness. Once a goal is achieved, it doesn’t end there. One goal could be a gateway for a few more new goals. If we fail to focus, we could have problem with our lifestyle. A common goal setting process is often only partial in nature. On the other hand, holistic goal settings see our lives from a comprehensive perspective. In short, holistic goal setting is about setting lifestyle goal. If you have a wish of what lifestyle you want to lead, it will likely end right there. As an example, if you want to have an outdoorsy lifestyle in the coastal area, then you may or may not need a boat. Even if you need a boat, it doesn’t have to be expensive and luxurious.

One important component of holistic approach to goal settings is that how long your satisfaction would last. With holistic approach, your goal isn’t the boat, but things that you can get from having a boat. It also means that you may not need to own a boat at all. If you are busy working and can only go out into the ocean once or twice a month, then you should consider renting a boat instead. The value of your boat will depreciate steadily, so you are actually losing money the moment you sign the purchase document, before your boat even hit the water. So, with holistic approach, you will have more clarity on what you seek to achieve. You can achieve what you need and want by spending much less money and using much less effort.

You may find that holistic approach makes you more creative. As an example, you may find that you feel more excited by gathering with more people. So, you should consider renting the boat with two or three friends who have similar interest. It means that you can feel happier, while spending even less money, because you can share the costs.

Holistic approach can also make your more productive. By having more clarity, you can work harder to achieve your goals. You will experience less stress when working and you will be willing to work harder. You will focus your work based on your qualification. Holistic approach makes you more flexible, because you know that a goal can be achieved through different ways. Depending on your situation, you can choose the most appropriate method to achieve your goal.

To sum up, always think everything based on your lifestyle. Consider what kind of lifestyle that you want to have. Be more flexible and creative with how you achieve your goal. An approach that many people take may not be suitable for you. Happiness will be easier to achieve if you are not being rigid and restrictive.

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