How new travelers can have more enjoyable trips?

If this is your first trip abroad, then you need to focus more on the proper planning. Here are things you should do to survive your first international vacation.

  • Check whether your ticket has the correct name: to make sure that everything goes smoothly, the name on your ticket should be the same with the one on your ID card and passport. During immigration process and security checks, it will be smoother, if your name is used consistently.
  • Get to the airport early: when you want to get to the airport on time, you may end up arriving late. So, it is a good idea to aim to arrive early. You should try to arrive at the airport 90 minutes before the departure time. The road to the airport can be incredibly congested. Reaching the airport can be longer than what you anticipate. If you are late, your only hope Is if your flight is delayed, buy most of the time, the flight will be on schedule.
  • Be more comfortable: during a long international trip, you may spend ten hours or more sitting in a cramped seat. It will be uncomfortable and sleeping can be difficult. If you can’t afford the business class, then you should choose an airline that provides enough leg room in the economy class. So, if you legs feel cramp, you can stand up and let the circulation flowing again. Another trick is to the toilet, so you can walk down the aisle and stretch.
  • Bring fewer suitcases: rules can be different in each airline. If you bring two big suitcases, you may be subjected to additional charges, even if you’re still within the weight limit. Many airlines allow each passenger to bring only one big suitcase and a smaller one. So, before packing, ask the airline representative whether there is any limitation in luggage dimension.
  • Pack properly: before going abroad, you should know what to pack. Many basic items and toiletries can be purchased in the destination area, such as shaving can, razor, shampooing, Toothpaste and snack. If you are going to a tropical country, you should bring mostly light clothing. Avoid bringing any Shao metal object or excessive amount of liquid.
  • Learn more about your connecting flights: connecting flight can be quite confusing. If you want to connect to another flight in a large, foreign airport, then it can be quite frustrating. If the airport is busy and large, then you should study its layout. Don’t hesitate to ask people and read all the signage. However, you should be aware that not everyone will speak English. Listen attentively to any announcement and it should include announcement in English. Some announcers could have heavy accents, so you need to check whether it is your flight or not.

Find the easiest and fastest way to get to your hotel: Taxi may not be the most affordable way to reach your hotel. There could be airport bus or train that you can use to reach your destination quickly with relatively low costs.

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