How to Age Gracefully?

Old age often conjures up ghastly depiction of degenerative disease and reduced physical functions. Each years, adults fork out billions of dollars in total for Botox, blood pressure pills, anti wrinkle creams and other products to combat the effect of natural aging. In reality, simple discipline and old fashioned lifestyle adjustment can help us to win back a decade or more of our health and appearance.  As an example, a long time smoker could have accelerated aging, due degradation in their respiratory system. It’s true that no amount of anti aging cream can wipe away deep wrinkles due to natural aging, but the aging process could actually be accelerated by your wrong decisions. Cataracts, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and other diseases are actually preventable. If you take care of your eyes, you won’t need to use glasses to read a book.

You should change your lifestyle for the better, instead of waiting for the aging process to force you to change your lifestyle. While you are still healthy and active, you shouldn’t give up running, although you are very busy. By taking advantage of the science, we know how to slow down the aging process. There are things we can do to make our lives more comfortable. Environmental scavengers continue to strip our bodies and minds of their active, youthful vigor. Our choices could affect how we age and how fast we age.

It’s wrong to think that degenerative diseases and various dysfunctions are natural consequences in our lives. Most certainly, they are not. When it comes to making yourself stay youthful, you should focus more on your biological age, instead of your chronological age. We can see physically active people who are in their 60’s, while overweight people could look incredibly aged in their late 40’s with their sedentary lifestyle. You can’t reverse your chronological age, but you can actually regain your biological age by making drastic changes in your lives. To keep yourself stay youthful biologically, it is important to undergo various tests, such as mammograms, pap smear, lung function test, eye test, blood pressure test, glucose test and cholesterol test.

With our current knowledge on health management, it is a fact that there are plenty benefits of preventative care. If you are a heavy smoker, there’s a higher risk that you will die due to mouth or lung cancers. If you often do sun bathing, there’s more chance that you will have skin lesions and some could become cancerous, which may prove fatal. It is a good idea to immediately see the doctor when you experience mild health issues. As an example, digestive discomfort could be harmless, but it’s also the early symptom of metastasized bowel cancer.

In short, drastic lifestyle changes may be needed if you want to stay youthful biologically, such as balanced diet, regular exercises, reduced stress and proper sleep. Start by reducing the amount of time in front of the computer and improve your diet. You should do it, one step at a time.

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