How to Choose the Best Baby Strollers?

It’s really exciting to have a baby, but the situation can be really tough as well. There are many decisions that you need to make related to your pregnancy and taking care of your baby. One of many details to consider is the type of stroller that you need. For all new parents, a stroller is the must have item. Parents purchase strollers along with other items, like cribs and clothing. In reality, you can use stroller from day one and you need to have the right selection process. By paying attention to the right tips, it should be relatively easy to choose the right stroller:

There are different designs that you can choose. Conventional stroller is the standard design of stroller. It comes with a belt or harness to keep your baby secure and safe. One essential safety feature is the brake to immobilize the wheels. So, the stroller won’t move, even is the surface is inclined. Other additional features may include cup holder, snack tray and removable padding. Depending on the build quality and brand name, a conventional stroller could range between $30 and $300. There’s also the tandem or double design, which is appropriate if you have twins or a couple of babies who not far apart in age. There’s front to back design, or side by side. While somewhat bulky, it’s still more comfortable than taking care of two small children with only your hands.

Jogging stroller is also available for highly active parents who exercise frequently. However, jogging stroller are more expensive, but parents should consider a well worth investment. When choosing a jogging stroller, make sure that it’s made of durable aluminium frame. The increased durability means that jogging strollers should be able to carry about twice the weight of the conventional strollers. Make sure that the jogging stroller can be folded very easily and fits into tight spaces. For travelling parents, they should choose lightweight stroller. This stroller design could weigh at only around 15lbs, which is a big advantage if you need to have long air trips to distant countries. As comparison, a standard conventional stroller could weight a hefty 30lbs. With lightweight stroller, you can visit tourism destinations more conventionally. Pushing a heavy stroller would be harder on uneven surfaces, while it’s easier to manoeuvre small, lightweight strollers around obstacles.

Other than snack holder and extra cup, there are also other features that you should know. These features include anti-mosquito mesh, weatherproof fabric. There’s also adjustable canopy to let the sunlight in or keep sunlight away, depending on the situation. For better comfort, the stroller may also have shock absorber when you are walking on a bumpy sources. Some strollers also come up with built in toys on the snack tray to keep children entertained and occupied. While harness and belt are standard features even in the cheapest stroller, you should make sure that they are adequate. Make sure that both won’t allow even the most active toddler to slip out, but also not too tight that cause your children to become agitated due to discomfort.

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