How to Enjoy Your Hiking Trip Even if It’s Raining

Picture this: You planned out a hiking trip alone or maybe with friends and family. You checked off everything in your packing list. You’ve got your navigational tools with you. Everything is all set and ready for the day of the hike.

You’re on your way to the trail and everyone’s having fun. Finally, you arrive at the trail. You did some warm-ups before you start with your trek. The birds are chirping, the wind is blowing slightly, and you’re just about to set up camp.

But then you see it. In the distance, gray clouds are looming, and soon, small drops of rain start pouring in.

Whether it’s because you forgot to check the weather report or it’s one of those out of season rainstorms, sometimes nature blindsides you. In these cases, should you start packing up and leaving?

You don’t always have to if you don’t want to!

With that said, here are several tips on how you can enjoy your hiking trip even if the rain caught you.

Avoid challenging trails

If it’s the rainy season, but you still have that itch to go on a hike, then learn which trails are still manageable even during the wet weather. For that reason, you must make sure that you avoid using challenging trails for your hike during the rainy weather.

The rain itself is already going to make it hard to see. At the same time, the rain will make the trekking paths more slippery and it can create mud too.

Knowing that you’re on a safe trail is going to reduce the risk of injury when you hike during a rain. Preferably, you should keep it short and don’t go to any cliffs or rougher hiking trails when it’s raining.

Look for less “wild” trails and more of the paths that you’re sure are well-maintained.

Dress for the rainy weather

Choosing the right hiking wardrobe is going to help you a lot when you hike while it’s raining. There are clothing materials that work no matter what weather it is, such as a polyester rain jacket that you can use to insulate yourself and prevent yourself from getting wet.

If you’re going to hike in rainy weather, then make sure you’ve got layers of clothes that will keep your body warm.

Having base clothes is essential for any hiker. Something to go on top of your base layer is a lighter hoodie that will also warm you up. You can then put on your rain jacket on top of that.

Wear proper footwear

Of course, when it comes to your hiking wardrobe, your footwear also matters, especially during the rain.

Since your feet are going to be carrying your weight during the trek, you want to ensure that it is well-protected. Therefore, a sturdy pair of waterproof hiking boots are the way to go. Don’t forget to have a good pair of hiking socks to go with them.

Regular cotton socks are not going to cut it since cotton absorbs water too fast and will make your feet cold. Hiking socks, on the other hand, are best for a rainy situation.

Get your gear set-up

There are specific things that you need to remember if you think there’s a high chance that it’s going to rain during your hike.

One important thing is to bring items that will help you navigate when it’s raining. For example, carrying a waterproof map or a waterproof map case can be helpful.

Another hiking tool worth bringing with you is hiking poles. Hiking poles will help you keep your balance, especially since the paths are going to be more slippery. Aside from that, you can discern whether a puddle is deep or not with it.

Bring quick snacks

Hiking in the rain in-between campsites is challenging, especially since you don’t get the time to hunker down for longer meals.

Therefore, bringing snacks that you can eat as you go is the best for you.

By the way, just because you can eat food with one hand and while walking doesn’t mean they’re an excellent quick snack during the rain. A sandwich, for example, is not the best when wet.

Pack a first-aid kit

Even if it’s not raining, a first-aid kit is essential for any hiker. Since it’s slippery during a rainy hike, there’s a higher chance of injury.

To be prepared, you should pack a first-aid kit.


Final Thoughts

Hiking in the rain is a different experience, and it can either be exciting or miserable, depending on how prepared you are for it.

The tips listed above are going to prepare you for when you risk a hike even during the rainy season.

Make sure that you do the right preparations so that you can still enjoy the hike, as well as keep yourself safe, even though it’s raining.

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