How to Have Affordable Extended Vacation in Hawaii?

When you arrive at Hawaii, you often wish that you can stay just a little longer. You may think that it would be great if you could just stay a bit longer. In reality, you could have an affordable extended stay in Hawaii. A good option is to find a furnished apartment with monthly rates. As an example, you may look for furnished apartments at the Ala Wai Canal area. The total cost would be half of the cost needed to stay at a low cost hotel. Many of these apartments are within the walking distance of Waikiki. When looking for a rental apartment, you should make sure that it is fully furnished. It does not have to be luxurious, but there should be enough to allow you to stay with decent comfort level.

As an example, it could be quite earn in Hawaii, so make sure that the apartment is equipped with air conditioning unit. However, you may need to purchase your own land, lots, cutlery, dishes, cups, pillows and bed sheets. However, they should be available at low prices at some stores in Hawaii. Because you seek stay for only a month, you don’t have to purchase high quality items. Local Walmart and other grocery stores should affordable options for your daily needs. Instead of dining out each day, you can buy produce and cook meal, just like locals do. To get produce at lower prices, you can buy it at the Chinatown. Just stock up your fridge and you should be able to cook decent meals each day. There are also affordable transportation options in Hawaii.

When good option is to get the monthly bus pass and you should be ready to explore the whole island. Use Google Map to spot different tourism destination in the area. Create the 30-day activity plan. There are many places that you can go to, such as the Hanauma Bay with the crystal clear water for swimming. The Honolulu Zoo is an affordable place that you can visit. The Sea Life Park is a great place that will appeal the whole family. The Polynesian Cultural Center offers detailed information about the local culture. Pearl Harbor is a popular historic place, with the wreck of USS Arizona, which is still a tomb for thousands of seamen who were killed during the surprise attack. You should not forget to visit the traditional Hawaiian Luau.

Other activities are deep sea fishing, snorkeling, shake watching and various water sports. It would be a great thing just being able to soak up the sun and sights at any of the Hawaiian beaches. Don’t just stick at the Waikiki beach. As an example, you may go to the Ala Moana Shopping Center. Nearby, there is a beach that is quite decent and less crowded than others. Because the beach is quieter, it should be a good option for a picnic. It should not be too hard to enjoy great time in Hawaii without spending too much money. Another alternative beach is the Makapuu beach, which is located near the Sea Life Park. The Waimanalo is a beach with 4 miles of waterfront and sugary, white sand.

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