How to Keep Your Yard and Garden Pest-Free

How to Keep Your Yard and Garden Pest-Free

In the period from spring to autumn, various pests can cause a lot of trouble for your home, yard and garden. How to protect your house and garden from pests and rest without knowing the problems? It is possible – use pest control services in a timely manner, and whitewash the trees in the garden. These activities will solve all pest problems.

Some people actively use chemicals and improvised means but do not notice how they poison the soil, kill beneficial insects and animals. In this article we will tell you about several effective, simple and safe ways to get rid of various pests.

Garden and Home Care.

How to protect yourself from Insects and Rodents

If you want to be at peace and not worry about pests, it is necessary to carry out measures for the treatment of all rooms and the surrounding area from insects and rodents. Treatment of the garden from pests should be done before the start of the hot season, and at home at the first signs of unwanted guests.

Protecting Trees from Pests

The most reliable way is to whitewash the trunks. To keep the plantings healthy, pleasing to the eye and bring a rich harvest, carry out preventive measures 2 times a year – in autumn and spring. This method:

will protect trees from pests;

prevent sunburn of the bark;

will not allow the development of pathogens;

will kill the larvae of insect parasites, spores, and fruit rot.

Whitewashing trunks is not as easy as it seems. You need to know the whole mechanism and procedure in order not to make mistakes and achieve the desired result.

What is necessary:

properly prepare the solution itself;

clean the trunk of moss and old bark;

repair all damage;

treat with a disinfectant solution;


How to get rid of Insects in your Home and Garden

With the onset of summer, blood-sucking and stinging insects not only cause a lot of inconvenience but also spread serious infections. This is especially dangerous when there are children in the house. Insects reproduce quickly and if not taken care of, they will be difficult to cope with. For quick and safe disposal of pests in the house, seek professional help. Also, don’t forget about professional termite inspection. Don’t waste your precious time.

To kill Insects, you can use:

conventional methods for living quarters;

cold fog generator for the treatment of adjacent areas;

The cold fog method is the treatment of territories with a disinfection cloud consisting of air and disinfectant particles. It easily penetrates into narrow crevices where insects hide. This method is much more effective than sprayers.

Cold fog is used both to combat all types of insects and to get rid of fungus and bacteria.

For each type of insect, its own insecticide is selected, which kills both the individual itself and its eggs. Most agents have a complex effect, they are effective for a long time after treatment. Therefore, no reprocessing is required.


No one likes to live together with pests in the constant fear that they will destroy something or cause even greater damage. It is very important that you regularly inspect the rooms in which you stay, as well as your yard and garden. If you take the necessary measures in time, you will always be calm and confident.

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