How to Properly Implement Paleo Diet?

Paleo diet is one of the most popular lifestyles. Some say that it’s ridiculous or it’s just a fad. Despite the criticism, more and more people are adopting this lifestyle. There’s also a growing research about healthier lifestyle. Also, recommendations from health professionals often match the core principles of paleo diet. First and the foremost, paleo diet is all about choosing the right kind of food. We simply seek to duplicate how our ancestor cavemen ate. Regardless of your ancient ancestors, they seemed to have identical eating patterns. It wasn’t until recently that we started to plenty of processed food. As an example, sugar isn’t a natural food ingredient and it’s simply concentrated simple carbohydrate obtained from sugarcane or beet. Refined white grain flour is also the same thing. In fact, our Palaeolithic ancestors didn’t have the ability to cultivate grains yet. They may consume grain, but harvested it from wild wheat, which occurs naturally and not yet modified genetically through selective breeding.

Also, it’s very clear that whole grain flour harvested from wild wheat was much healthier than refined flour that’s used for most baked products today. Our body isn’t really designed to digest processed food and various problems can happen. As an example, excessive intake of sugar will upset the balance in our body. It will cause obesity and consistently high level of blood sugar could increase the risks of pre-diabetes, which is one step away from full blown diabetes. Also, canned foods contain plenty of fat and sodium, which increase the risks of heart diseases and cancer. A combination of sugar and refined white flour is like a nightmare coming true for our body. Unfortunately, many of use habitually consume breads, cookies and cakes, which are bad for our body.

So, what you should eat if you want to adopt Paleo diet? It means that we should eat only green leafy vegetables, organic fruits and unprocessed meats. We could also add a fair amount of nuts and seeds into our diet. As you can see, this recommendation isn’t strange at all and we often hear this from health professionals. They also warn against the potential danger of soda, bread, cookies and cakes. Your grandmother may bake you tasty cookies or pies, but she never tells you to eat baked food every single day. Another component of paleo diet is active lifestyle. It takes a lot of effort to hunt, skin and cook a wild deer. If you just go to the grocery store to purchase a slab of venison meat, then you are not really adopting the Paleo diet. You should also try to mimic the effort of our ancestors to hunt wild game. One hour of moderate exercise each day should be enough to make your day more active.

The cooking process should also be kept simple, such as by grilling and boiling. Avoid frying your food, because it’s something that our ancestors didn’t do and this increases the intake of bad fat into our body.

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