Levels of service at hotels

Today, we can find hotels of different sizes and shapes. They can be independent or part of a chain. In the current market situation, hotels are competing for every single guest. These hotels often have similar building designs and pricing. Today, it becomes very clear that the primary differentiator is the level of service. There are different ways hotel can implement this.

Hotels may offer points, while others offer various packages that include details that may benefit customer and enhance their comfort level. Many hotels also offer online reservations and today, reserving a dozen of hotel rooms is as easy as turning on the faucet. You simply pick up your smartphone and open hotel reservation app to choose between thousands of hotels out there.

So, if the hotel has poor service level, then it will suffer and can’t compete with other hotels in the industry. Hotels with subpar service level often need to reduce their rates heavily. This will reduce revenue and poor pricing will eventually ruin the credibility. There are different levels of service in the hotel industry. So, people who could pay the bill will eventually get better service level.

Service level may depend on the training level of the employees. Goff first impression will be shown directly on the front office. For this reason, training and retraining could be necessary, so employees could retain their professionalism. In a big hotel with more than 150, the pressure on providing steady level of service can be quite high. So, it is important for managers and supervisor to show good examples.

In providing excellent service, hotel employees develop intuition about what the guest may need. It is necessary for hotel managers to have a monitoring system on the service level. So, any unwanted decline in service level can be detected early. There should be an internal and external audit process, so service level can be measured based on certain standards.

The monitoring level should show any room for improvement, so, the service level can be improved steadily. It is important to avoid making things overly complicated. For typical hotels, it could be challenging to match the level of luxury hotels. In this case, they need to be the best of the best. This includes using the best table wears, bed sheets and thousands of other items that guests may find in a hotel.

The philosophy of a great hotel is simple. It holds down to a clean hotel with nice people who are responsive to the needs of the customers. The concept of luxury is something that can be implemented Even for a budget hotel. The right atmosphere must be created gradually. Ensuring comfort for all guests can be a challenging thing to do. Luxury is a different concept for each individual and society. However, once people feel that their comfort is ensured, this could be a sign of luxury. It is a challenge but managers should work hard to make sure that their hotels are often associated with the proper level of luxurious feeling. Once people feel comfortable, then they should come back for more.

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