The Hawaiian Dream: 5 Family-Friendly Resorts to Travel by Car

The Hawaiian Dream: 5 Family-Friendly Resorts to Travel by Car

Would you like to have a family trip somewhere among tropical landscapes and endless ocean, even when it’s winter? You are right, it looks like a dream. However, the Hawaiian Islands are a real place, and this piece of paradise is more accessible than it might seem.

Those who get here will be rewarded with fantastic sunrises on colorful beaches, the brightest rainbow in the world, an amazingly diverse fauna, incredibly beautiful virgin nature and an endless ocean.

Yes, Hawaii has everything for a great family vacation – the only thing missing is a spacious 12 passenger van rental to move between all its beauties. The developed road network of the archipelago will allow you to get where you need to. Plus, it’s just fun to travel in one big car together!

If you’re interested but don’t know exactly where to go, here’re some great resorts…


The Hawaiian Dream: 5 Family-Friendly Resorts to Travel by Car

This part of the Hawaiian archipelago is inhabited by indigenous Hawaiians: they make up more than 60%, so their way of life is very different from the neighboring islands. Molokai is a rocky island with the high ocean cliffs. The cliffs stretch up to 1,200 meters above sea level and it’s very exciting to see them passing by in a rental car.

The beaches of Halawa Bay mostly have no tourist infrastructure – there’s not even a rescue service. However, surfers catch the wave there, and divers go scuba diving and snorkeling.

As an exception, Papohaku Beach has the necessary amenities such as showers, toilets and changing cabins. The advantage of the beaches on Molokai is the absence of a large number of travelers, so its resorts are often chosen by families or fans of secluded rest.


The Hawaiian Dream: 5 Family-Friendly Resorts to Travel by Car

This destination is often visited by travelers searching for a luxury vacation. Today it’s a modern resort with excellent oceanfront vacation spots:

  • Kaihalulu attracts tourists with its unique red sand color. The volcano gave such a shade to the coast, which has now calmed down. In order to go down to the shore, you have to walk along a narrow mountain path. 
  • Keawakapu stretches for 1,200 meters along the ocean coast, while its width is about 30 meters. Vacationers appreciate it for the purest sand and clear water. The spot is great not only swim and sunbathe, but also for scuba diving.

Maui lacks traditional nightlife entertainment for young people: it’s a quiet family resort, where it’s very convenient to explore the amazing local nature in car rental, as well as just spend time on the beach.


The Hawaiian Dream: 5 Family-Friendly Resorts to Travel by Car

This is the most fashionable resort in Hawaii. On the 6th largest island in the archipelago tourists are invited to visit 20 excellent coastal areas. 12 of them are open to the public. The most interesting of the resorts are:

  • Manele Bay. It offers perfect snorkeling experience. Those who are tired of lying under the hot sun can go fishing. Manele Bay is also interesting for nature lovers, as located in a marine reserve.
  • Hulopoe Bay. It’s a quiet family resort. People come there to enjoy a relaxing holiday. The entry into the ocean is shallow, which is excellent for children.

If you are on Lanai and are tired of exploring its best beaches with your rental car, then in the evening you will find something to do. There are many cozy bars located right on the ocean shore.


The Hawaiian Dream: 5 Family-Friendly Resorts to Travel by Car

Naturalists who want to see active volcanoes and explore the unique nature usually choose this Hawaiian island. However, there are few resorts suitable for swimming. The most visited is Poipu Bay, where travelers have a standard set of services at their disposal: showers, toilets, picnic tables, and sun loungers. Rest is supervised by the rescue service.

In general, Kauai is an ideal place to observe and study untouched nature while driving a rental car. There are picturesque roads passing through really amazing sceneries. 


The Hawaiian Dream: 5 Family-Friendly Resorts to Travel by Car

Most travelers choose this island, since it hosts the capital of the whole Hawaii State. Also, the flights of the largest companies arrive there, allowing you to rent a car for your trip right at the local airport.

Oahu’s resorts are both the most famous and most populous – the central Waikiki Beach is placed in Honolulu. The ocean is warm there throughout the year.

The local infrastructure is pretty common. Tourists are offered sun loungers, umbrellas for sun protection. There are showers, toilets, changing cabins, and many places to eat on the coast. 

As for other suitable relaxing destinations, Kuhio Bay is one of them. It’s located not far from Waikiki and is quite similar to the first in terms of amenities. Those guests who seek peace and solitude usually come there. 

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