TOP 8 Outdoor Activities FOR PARENTS AND KIDS!

The fall is coming. The weather is still warm and pleasant and you can spend much time outdoors with your family. This is the time for family picnics and outdoor games. Of course, it would be great to buy tickets and fly somewhere where the weather is still hot and picnic-friendly. How about Penticton? It’s not a problem to get there from any part of Canada or America and use car rental in Penticton airport to get to the beach. But don’t be upset if you got stuck in your business and have no time for traveling. You can travel even around your state or district. Just find a good place you can go to with your family and have fun there. Of course, it would be great if the weather is fine. There are so many interesting things to do outdoors.




  1. Play with leaves

Autumn time can be the best time for outdoor activities. Go to the park! The ground is covered with the falling leaves. You can hunt for the best and the most beautiful leaves of interesting form and color. Find and take them home as a bunch of flowers! You can take the best pictures here when you are digging in or throwing them up. Just be creative!

  1. Play Hide and Seek

Kids and adults like playing hide and seek. Go to the park and start your picnic hiding. Look around! There are so many places where you can find: trees, bushes, high grass, park benches, pile of leaves. Just look after your kids attentively and don’t forget who is seeking.

  1. Play in a playhouse or tree house

That’s so great if you have a tree house! This is the best place to play when you are outdoors. Walking in the park, you don’t need to have a real house to play in. You can build it up on your own with grass and sticks. Also, you can use a tent or something from your clothes. Decorate your house with flowers and toys. It can be really fun to play there.

Reading Sanctuary


  1. Play Tags

Is this a game you like? Actually, tag is the oldest game but always interesting. It is perfect for playing it in the park or in the yard because it needs much space to run. Be careful when running and tagging kids. If you want to make the game even more interesting, you can wear costumes.

  1. Go camping

If you don’t want to buy a sleep bag and rent a camping trailer, you can arrange a camping place even in your garden or in the city park. Just make a fire, spread a blanket, take a picnic basket. You can pretend you protect your camping from the hungry wild animals or just go to scout everything around.

  1. Go scouting

You don’t need a special organization to join to explore the nature. Whenever you are, let your kids to explore the grass, trees, flowers, bugs, flowers. You can take a big encyclopedia and check the names of everything you’ve found there. You can go to the city park or take a car and go somewhere to the mountains or to one of many National Parks.

Treehouse squirrel with spoils


  1. Play Hopscotch

Do you think that Hopscotch is a game for kids only? Adults can enjoy it too! It can be fun and promotes physical activity. Just take some chalk and draw boxes. It is not a problem to find a stone to throw. Also, you can make the game even more interesting when you make the boxes on the ground different colors. Feel free to invite as many people as you can and change rules according to your kids’ mood.

  1. Draw with chalks

If you have a pack of chalks in the car, you can make a stop and go to the park to draw a real masterpiece. Sidewalk arts are always bright and interesting. You can make a portrait, draw food, animals, or places you’ve seen before during the trip. You can play guess-what game or just enjoy spending time with the whole family. Draw figures, shapes, letters, and spend your time wisely.

Aspiring Chalk Artist


There are many interesting things you can do with your family outdoors. Of course, everything depends on where you are at the moment, in the backyard of your house or in the National Park, Anyway, you can always take a walk around your place to find something new and interesting. Take a camera to make pictures and share your memories with friends. A pleasant evening walk can help you to release from stress, tiredness, and forget about your problems. Make it a family ritual! It is much better than watching TV or reading a newspaper. Just don’t forget to take your family with you. Whatever you do, it must be fun and pleasant for everyone.

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