Travelling by ferries as a part of your pleasant and luxurious holiday

Trip by a ferry usually lasts a short time, and the ferry provides the minimum means of comfort – sometimes drivers do not even leave their cars. However, this does not apply to the ferries, which we are going to describe. Distances, overcome by ferries, are similar to the usual sea cruises – for example, a ferry from mainland Spain to Canaries passes about 1,400 km.

Travelling by a ferry in a Europe has many advantages. First, you can save money. A cabin for four people costs an average of 125 euros, so traveling is more profitable (and more interesting) in a merry company. Secondly, unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.


The largest ferry companies in Europe are Silja Line and Viking Line.

  1. Viking Line

Their routes are “Stockholm-Helsinki”, “Helsinki-Tallinn”. At the weekend, a ferry ticket is much more expensive – about 70 euros.

‘Viking Grace’ cruise ferry

Its length is 218 m and width is almost 32 m. This is a full-fledged liner with all the elements inherent in its class – restaurants, game rooms, cozy cabins, pools. Outside, the ferry is a huge entertainment center. You can even walk the dogs – for this purpose artificial grass areas with trees were planted.

For luxury holiday, you can book large suites of 45 m2. Some cabins are designed for allergy sufferers (there is no carpet on the floor), others are for passengers with limited mobility.

The best restaurant on board is the “Ella’s and Tapas & Wine”, the menu of which is in English, Swedish, Finnish and in Russian. The food is very high quality, a mix of Italian, American and European cuisine. Pasta with seafood and mushrooms, tender grilled meat, fresh vegetable salads and all this is served with delicious sauces. A full dinner in the restaurant – a salad with a hot meat dish + side dish and a glass of wine will cost you about 25 euros. Alternatively, you can visit the ‘Viking Buffet’, pay 33 euros and eat everything you want.

Moreover, there are nightclubs of various types – with rock concerts and author’s song evenings, discos and bars, playing areas for adults. There are duty-free shops with a huge selection of goods. At night, the fun at the ferry does not stop even for a second.

Exits to the deck (including the top deck) are open for the visitors. In summer, there is a bar with tables on the lower deck. Well, if it is autumn or winter, then you can dress warmly, and watch the lights of distant lighthouses, mysteriously blinking in the dark.


  1. Silja Line

You will have an unforgettable journey through the Baltic Sea! You can choose a small cruise to any of the following destinations:

Helsinki-Stockholm, Helsinki-Tallinn, Tallinn-Stockholm, Riga-Stockholm, Turku-Stockholm.

Do not forget about the beautiful mini-cruises to the Aland Islands. Even a couple of hours onboard these ferries will make you forget about your daily routine.

Artists from around the world take part in a variety of entertainment programs on Tallink ships! Here and glamor, jazz and rock, for fans of parties – disco, and for fans of amateur – karaoke. The highlight of the evening program is a grand show. You can also spend your time in pubs and bars of the ferries.

A la carte restaurants invite gourmets to thoroughly refresh themselves in a cozy atmosphere, having received personal service. A diverse and original menu will delight all guests without exception.

On board the ferries, children’s playrooms are open, where the little ones can watch cartoons, draw, or stroll into the sea of ​​colorful plastic balls. Every day a caring animator, who can paint the faces and hands of the children with funny drawings, awaits children at the Baltic Queen and Victoria I ferries.

Lastly, about the popular city ferry in New York.

The authorities in New York announced the lease of two additional large ferries for the summer peak of the new NYC Ferry network of city ferries opened in May.

The popularity of new routes, allowing tourists to explore a significant part of the city from the water, is not surprising. Unlike most other ferries in the New York area, the price of travel on new routes is low – only $ 2.75. It seems that New York ferries have a chance to become as popular with tourists as ferry lines in Istanbul or Hong Kong.

Now there are already three routes.

  • The first connects lower Manhattan via southern Brooklyn to the Rockaway Peninsula near Kennedy Airport.
  • The second route. Departures every 20-30 minutes from Wall Street to the north, then a series of stops at various berths in the Brooklyn and Queens areas on the opposite bank of the river and the end of the route also in Manhattan on 34th Street.
  • The third ferry route from Wall St heads south and serves five berths in Brooklyn – all the way to Bay Ridge. Departures every half hour, travel time is about 45 minutes.

Ferries can accommodate up to 150 passengers – in addition to the main enclosed cabin, there is an open deck on top, which is likely to be popular with tourists. Inside there is also a buffet and power sockets, in the future the appearance of wireless Internet is promised. Free shuttle buses to different areas are available from some moorings. Alternatively, you can rent stick shift car NYC to reach these objects.

Large ferries have everything – restaurants, bars, slot machines, internet cafes, a TV area and even a sauna. Cabins are often cozy and clean, with shower room. Everything inside the ferry is very practical and convenient for your best holiday abroad.


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