Typical Travel Mistakes Underage Travelers Do Again and Again

Obviously, you are excited because of your future trip. If it is your first trip, it must be something really amazing. There are so many questions to put! What will you find outside of the country or state? How will you cope with a difficult situation? You are about to go crazy because of your thoughts and doubts. And you have much to think about. Of course, it is not a problem to rent a car under 25 in the USA, but you have to pay fee as a compensation for your young age. Do you think it is fair? What are you going to do then? Of course, you can avoid fee when buy membership of one of rental agents. Are you ready to spend more money for rental? This and many more questions can stay unanswered until you try.

By the way, most of your problems you can solve online, using one or two special booking apps. But don’t overdo! Overbooking is the first and important mistake that underage travelers usually make.

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.

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  1. Overbooking

That’s so comfortable to book services even without leaving your home. If it is your first trip, you want to book everything online, pay in advance, and sleep well. You can book a hotel, transfer, even a restaurant for dinner. Booking online, don’t forget about flexibility. That’s so great to plan every your step beforehand. But from the other hand, you should always leave some space to change your plans and do everything upside down. Just book a car and a hotel! That’s enough to sleep well and stop worry about the trip.

  1. You try to visit a country which is similar to your native country

As a rule, young people are afraid of changing environment. The biggest your mistake is when you try to visit places that are most similar to your native country. You can eat in the familiar restaurant, stay in the hotels you know much about. You don’t get out of your comfort zone. You will learn more when you stay in the hostel with strangers than on the roof floor of the luxury hotel.

  1. You order food that is not typical for the region

Everything is simple. Don’t order spaghetti in Cuba, or hamburger in Italy. That wouldn’t be food you used to eat in your country. You can be disappointed. Try to eat local food. Thus, visiting Cuba, eat rice and beans. Visiting Texas, ask for a chicken fried steak.

  1. Spend much money on alcohol

It’s not about enjoying alcohol or not. Of course, you want to try local-made drinks and have fun in the local clubs and bars. It’s rather about wasting time and money for alcohol every evening. Do you think you look cool when standing at the bar counter and wasting your money? It is better to dance, to explore the city, visit place where you have never been before. Wasting your vacation for sitting at a local bar is not the best scenario of your vacation.

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  1. Waste money on souvenirs

There is nothing bad in buying souvenirs. You can buy one or two souvenirs to remember about your trip. But if you are too enthusiastic in buying souvenirs and need an extra bag to carry them all, you are overdoing. Do you really think that each and every your friend needs a souvenir? It’s a trap. It would be more interesting if you show the pictures and speak about the most interesting places you’ve visited. The lonely fridge magnet means nothing.

  1. Waste money for nothing and go out of your budget limit

It is not a secret than every trip needs planning. You should make up a budget and take some extra money. Don’t spend most of your budget for unnecessary things. If you are limited in budget, try to find a cheaper option. Forget about the most expensive airlines or luxury restaurants every day. 5-star hotel is also not that you need in your young age.


  1. Stay in the comfort zone

It is natural for your young age to meet new people, try new things, face difficulties and try to solve them. Sometimes, you may think that moving abroad is a serious challenge. It doesn’t worth your efforts. But if you really want to try, it is better to try! People are different, but it is useful for everyone to do something out of their norm.

It is said that experience is the best teacher. Don’t be afraid of challenges! It is impossible to stay out of troubles all the time. Just learn from your mistakes and mistakes of others and get ready for the trip! New places are waiting for you! Don’t forget about the car rental and many more useful apps. They can make your trip easier.

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