What Does Your Bedroom Say About Your Love Life

What Does Your Bedroom Say About Your Love Life

The idea that the state of your bedroom affects your love life or your first impression is not new, and it certainly holds a lot of weight to it. The first time someone enters your bedroom, they take in everything about the place. How the furniture is arranged, how it smells, the colors and also the sounds. 

For many people, it really affects how they think about you, or the opinions of yours they form in their minds. While it may be easier to pretend to be someone else in a social setting, it’s hard to hide parts of your personality inside your own room. Many times, it’s a deep reflection of who you are. 

People have a tendency to orient their room around their own preferences, which is why yoru room says a lot about you as a person – and as a partner. Keep reading to find out what your room says about you. 

The Kind of Bed You Have 

While the kind of bed you have might not be instantly evident, if things do get heated up and your bed is uneven or uncomfortable, it will leave a bad aftertaste in the mouth of anyone who ventures that far into your bedroom. Believe it or not, the right ebd will even help you have a great night. 

According to experts at shape.com, “Beds with good edge support allow you to roll to the perimeter of the mattress without feeling like you’re going to fall off. After all, the last thing you want to deal with during passionate sex is a crash landing.” and they’re right! That’s not all. A mattress with the right bounce and firmness, too, can leave everyone liking you. 

A Messy Room 

Messy rooms usually belong to people who are chaotic, or who lead busy lives. Many people assume that people with messy rooms don’t have their lives in order, or are unpleasant to be around. They also seem less dependable. The messy room makes people feel like the owner of the room can’t finish their tasks efficiently. 

Some of these assumptions are untrue, like the assumption that the person is unpleasant or fickle, but there may be some truth to the owner of the room not being very dependable or task oriented. 

Minimalist Decor

People with this kind of decor are seen to be cold and distant, but in reality they can be very dependable and disciplined. Afterall, it does take a lot of effort not to let things pile up around you. 

People with a simple bedroom are often introverts too. They internalize most of what they’re feeling, their likes, dislikes, and a lot of other stuff. This also reflects in their surroundings which are kept simple and uncomplicated. 

A Glamorous Bedroom 

Many well-planned and glamorous bedrooms indicate the ownership of an extrovert. They want you to come and spend time in their space, which is why they go out of their way to plan and curate everything to make people want to do that. 

What Does Your Bedroom Say About Your Love Life

If the space is full of the latest, trendiest items, you may think that they use social media often – and that shows in their art. This kind of person will most likely want to control what others see of them, and might take a while to show you their real self. 

But in the end, bedrooms are just one part of a person’s life and personality. Don’t take anything you see in there too seriously, and make sure you take your time to actually get to know them! 

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