What is Paleo Lifestyle?

Paleo lifestyle isn’t similar with paleo diet. In fact, paleo diet is just a component of paleo lifestyle. If you have implemented paleo diet successfully in your daily lives, then it’s a good idea to go beyond that. By adopting paleo lifestyle, it doesn’t that you dress like a caveman and find the nearest vacant cave as your new home. You can still be a modern, urban individual, but adopt core principles of paleo lifestyle.

  • Active lifestyle: One thing that our ancestor did is by having an active lifestyle. It takes a lot of effort to hunt for wild game and gather edible plants. If you want to have a proper paleo lifestyle, you need to become outdoorsy and more active. Breathing fresh air affects your body differently, compared to breathing in indoor air, which can be contaminated by cleaning product fumes and mold spores. During the day, it’s quite rare for our ancestors to sit for hours. They need to work and move around, if they want to make everything more comfortable and liveable. Unfortunately, most of us could spend 8 to 10 hours sitting in front of the computer. Being active for hours could be among the most difficult things that we need to adjust. If possible, you should look for a job that involves a lot of walking. As an example, you can work in an inventory facility, where you need to move and monitor items all day. If you have a regular job, make sure that you can get up from the desk every 30 minutes to walk around and stretch. If possible, you should stretch and walk up and down the stairway. The higher activity level could make you feel better and healthier. Luckily, you no longer need to chase wild boar or deer, as well as running away from bears and mountain lions. Treadmill is a good way to keep your body active, but it is even better if you can run in the park. Our ancestors tend to do steady physical activity for the whole day, instead of exerting plenty of energy over a short period of time. Our ancestors walk briskly and run for their survival, not because they want to exercise.
  • Well managed stress: Our ancestors also experience a degree of stress. They were worried when food supply is nearly depleted and there’s a predator nearby. Worries and concerns are essential to keep us productive. When their food supply is abundant and there’s no immediate danger, they are no longer concerned. Today, we feel easily depressed by non-essential things. Acute and chronic stress is something that many modern people are experiencing. Our urban lifestyle is much more complex. We need to think about bills, mortgage, complex social relationships and others.
  • Restful sleep: When the sun was down and it’s pitch black outside, there’s little that our ancestors could do. They might do some cooking or preparation for the next day. It means that our ancestors could sleep for 8 hours or more each night. If you want to have a proper paleo lifestyle, you should sleep at night, as soon as possible. You may wake up very early as a result at around 4AM. But, it means that you can be better prepared and feel far less stressed each day.
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