10 Things That May Happen While Removing Surgical Staples Without Tool

10 Things That May Happen While Removing Surgical Staples Without Tool

Surgical staples are a great invention. They are more efficient and easy than conventional suturing. This is the reason many people resort to closing incisions and wounds through surgical stapling. There is one problem though. You have to get the staple out once your wound is healed, unlike the stitches that disintegrate themselves.

Are you among those people who find it a hassle going to the clinic for getting the staples out? Are you looking for ways on how to remove surgical staples without tools? If so, stop right there! It is hazardous to take out surgical staples without any tools by yourself. No matter how easy it might seem, you need an experienced professional to do it for you or you can have professional help with TheLawAdvisory.

We have compiled these 10 things that might happen if you remove surgical staples without any tool. After this, you will think twice before searching for how to remove surgical staples without tools.

10 painful things removing surgical staples without tools may cause

Pus, bleeding and swelling

Removing surgical staples without tools may cause an infection leading to smelly and painful pus, swelling around the area, and bleeding from the wound. This happens when you irritate your wound before it heals completely.

Experienced doctors and paramedics know how much time a wound needs to have before healing. It is a subjective matter hence, you should not remove surgical staples by yourself only after a week or ten days.

Septic wounds

Surgical staples are made of titanium or other solid substances. Harsh handling of such things when they are on your body may cause irritancy on your wound causing it to go septic.

Septic wounds sometimes convert into another surgical case, therefore, you should avoid removing staples without the prescribed tools.

Extensive bleeding

A slight mishandling may tear your wound, resulting in heavy bleeding. Bleeding is dangerous, and even more so for a person who has recently come out of surgery.

If you tear the incision during the removal of the surgical staple, severe bleeding may start if the wound has not completely healed.


Doctors and nurses are trained to stitch or staple the incision in such a way that it does not leave a mark. With removing surgical staples without tools you are most likely to leave a deep, big scar on your incision.

It is recommended that you never try this, and resort to the clinics and get it removed professionally.

Shred your skin along with the wound

Unauthorized removal of surgical staples comes with an increased chance of tearing your wound as well as incision.

This means that you will ruin the wound more than recovering from it. So, you should never go towards surgical staple removal without tools.

Allergic reaction

Surgical staples are not like the common suturing material. They are made of titanium. If they are mishandled they may cause an allergic reaction, worsening your pain.

If your staples are removed at the right time properly, there is no issue of any reaction. Usually, prolonged surgical stapling, or harsh removal without any tools causes this allergic reaction.

Reopening of the wound

A professional knows the right angles for closing the wound and removing the staples. But if you are inexperienced, you should never try removing the surgical staples without tools.

By doing so you increase the risks of reopening the surgery wounds or incision. Hence, you should always get your staples removed by a doctor or a nurse.

Redness and itching around the incision

Redness and itching is also a symptom of an allergic reaction. There are other reasons that may cause it, but if you try removing surgical staples without tools you will definitely face this problem.

The area around the incision is already sensitive, the additional itching and redness make it even more so adding to your pain.

Extreme pain

Surgical procedures are painful, and any carelessness regarding it increases the pain level. Of course, you do not want that. Therefore, you should refrain from trying out anything that may cause additional pain.

If you get the surgical staples removed by an expert paramedic, you will not feel anything.

Another surgery

Your wound could also get extremely bad after trying to remove surgical staples without tools, that you might have to get another surgery. This is the worst outcome and should be enough reason not to try it.

Hence, it is advised to get proper routine checkups after your surgery and get the surgical staple removed from authorized professionals.


If you had been searching for how to remove surgical staples without tools, this article must be enough to stop you from doing so. It is an extremely risky process that might end in any of the above-mentioned health problems.

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