How to Create A Wellness Retreat At Home

How to Create A Wellness Retreat At Home

Not everyone can afford to relax at an expensive spa resort or regularly visit a spa salon – some do not have enough finances, others don’t have time. However, this does not mean at all that you will have to deny yourself the pleasure – you can carry out spa and wellness procedures at home. We will tell you what spa products to use at home and how to properly carry out the procedures in order to get the maximum benefit.

Home Wellness retreat: features and benefits

There is no need to make an appointment in advance for procedures and worry that plans may change. You are in no hurry, so it is easier for you to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle. Yes, it can be difficult to achieve absolute silence and privacy at home if you have children. On the other hand, adjusting your schedule for home procedures is much easier than for a visit to the salon.

A spa at home saves a budget, especially if you use natural products instead of professional cosmetics. At the same time, the effectiveness of care remains the same – in the absence of chemical additives, nutrients are absorbed much better. You can have an entire course of important treatments in less than one salon visit.

You are completely safe at home. The risk of allergies is lower – you can check the skin reaction to a particular product in advance. You do not need to think about whether the salon complies with the requirements for cleanliness and hygiene – at home you will not get infected with either fungus or covid.

You do not worry that an unskilled or rude specialist will ruin your mood or, in the worst case, harm your health. Not only that, but you don’t have to adjust to the routine of the salon: your home means your rules. No strangers, only you, alone with yourself.

Home wellness and Spa set

Let’s make a list of the products you need to take care of your face and body at home.

Bath Salt

Ideally, you should have three main types in your home spa collection: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt, best of all, Dead Sea Salt. They can be mixed in any proportion in one bath or alternated with their use.

Choose salt according to the desired effect. Epsom salt, or magnesium sulphate, has a relaxing and anti-cellulite effect.

What can be added to the Salt Bath

Nettle extracts perfectly tones and improves blood circulation.

Tea tree essential oil acts as an antiseptic, restores the skin after sunburn, relieves burning and redness after multiple insect bites.

Eucalyptus or essential oil is an excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections, diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Orange essential oil enhances the lifting effect of the salt bath and allows you to quickly get rid of cellulite.

Tea rose petals infused with grapefruit and bergamot essential oils will help moisturize your skin for a delicate sensual scent.

Oak bark decoction is a proven remedy for excessive sweating, ideal for hot summer days.

Neroli, patchouli, geranium, ylang-ylang, nutmeg oils are suitable as an aphrodisiac.

Dry Herbs

The herbal infusion is also added to the bath or used to rinse the face. For example, chamomile infusion helps fight inflammation and acne. Baths with motherwort and valerian root infusion soothe, relieve nervous tension. Baths with rose and lavender petals restore mental balance, lift the mood and improve the condition of the skin.

Bath Bombs

In between courses of salt baths, you can use soda bombs. Make sure that there are no artificial components in it.

The benefits of bath bombs have been proven by research on their ingredients. Soda softens and smooths the skin, helps get rid of dryness, psoriasis, acne. This component is good at cleansing the skin of dead cells and unclogging the pores. Citric acid acts as a mild chemical peel without scaling. The skin becomes more elastic, epidermal cells are renewed faster, wrinkles are reduced, and skin tone is evened out.


Universal scrubs that fit everyone – salt-based scrubs with or without coffee, coconut, essential oils. On a wet body, the salt gradually dissolves, the crystals roll around and do not scratch the skin. Salt gently exfoliates dead cells, draws out excess water and toxins from the subcutaneous tissue, which allows you to quickly get rid of cellulite. The skin looks fresh and toned.

Face and Hair Masks

A home wellness and spa necessarily involves applying masks – store-bought or self-made, especially since you already have most of the ingredients in your home. For example, if you want to get rid of swelling, prepare an Epsom salt mask. Dead Sea salt will help remove acne.

Compositions for wrapping

For a spa at home, use special gels, mud, cosmetic clay and salts. Their main task is to strengthen the skin structure, restore its tone and destroy the “orange peel”.


They create a relaxing atmosphere so that the spa at home is as comfortable as in the salon. Burning scented candles will look great in the bathroom, emitting a pleasant smell. They will help you to abandon everyday worries and completely immerse yourself in bliss.

Rules for carrying out Home Spa Treatments

How to prepare

Plan a date and time for your spa at home – 1-2 hours will be enough for a full program. Ask family members not to distract you.

On the day of a home spa, you can arrange unloading: eat light food, give up alcohol. Drink plenty of water.

Find the tools you will be using this time to keep everything close at hand. Prepare formulations for masks and wraps if you do not use ready-made ones.

Dim the light in the bathroom or light the candles and turn it off altogether. Play some relaxing music. Remove rings, chains and earrings.

How to carry it out

SPA at home is a whole complex of procedures that must be carried out in the correct order.

Warm shower.

Before starting the program, you must cleanse your skin. Then, during scrubbing, an infection will not get into micro-scratches, and all useful substances will be completely absorbed.

Body scrubbing and face peeling.

Bath with salt and / or herbs. You can find the ones that include shimmers, mixes of salt, flowers and herbs. With them, the home spa becomes truly luxurious. Take a bath for 20-30 minutes. The water temperature should be comfortable for you, usually 37-38 degrees. For one bath for relaxing purposes, 500 g of salt is enough, for weight loss – up to 1000 g of salt.

Applying a mask for face and hair.

Along with taking a bath, apply masks to hair and / or face, and put patches on lower eyelids.


It works great on steamed skin: it removes toxins and excess water, and ensures the penetration of important minerals and vitamins into the tissues.

Applying a care product to the skin.

Distribute lotion, cream or milk evenly over the body that has the desired effect: moisturizing, toning, anti-cellulite, nourishing.

What to do after

After your bath, drink a cup of tea or herbal drink to restore water and salt balance in your body. Water with lemon and a pinch of Himalayan salt, natural freshly squeezed juice are also suitable. Forget about urgent matters, it is better to watch your favourite movie or read a book.

This is the right time for a massage. Use your favourite skin oil or cream. Massage your feet and neck. You can use a good quality neck massager for total relaxation.

The benefits of a Spa at Home

For skin

Home spa treatments help cleanse your skin as effectively as in the salon. Metabolic processes are activated, excess fluid is removed from the subcutaneous fat, and cellulite is reduced. The skin regains its elasticity, becomes firm and soft at the same time.

Irritation and itching go away, the number of inflammatory manifestations decreases, traces of acne and age spots disappear. After taking salt baths, a visible lifting effect is observed, the visibility of stretch marks decreases.

For hair and nails

Depending on the mask you use, your hair can become soft and manageable, with volume and shine. Scalp peeling with salt helps to reduce hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles and improving blood circulation in the scalp. After salt baths, the nails are saturated with the necessary minerals, cease to exfoliate, become even, strong and shiny.

For the nervous system

One of the main goals of a wellness retreat at home is a psychological reboot. Even a short rest alone with yourself helps to cope with nervous tension, irritability and fatigue.

Baths and massages are a proven stress reliever. They relax muscles and relieve pain in tired legs and back, relieve migraines and insomnia. Magnesium sulphate, penetrating into the body, stimulates the production of serotonin – the hormone of joy and happiness.

For general health

The home spa has a general healing effect. With regular procedures, the work of the nervous, cardiac and respiratory systems is significantly improved. Digestion and metabolism are normalised, mood and vitality are increased. It is not surprising that doctors prescribe various spa procedures as part of the treatment of hormonal disorders, joint diseases, and rehabilitation after injuries.

In order not to harm your health, you must remember about contraindications. Baths should be taken with caution in case of hypertension, varicose veins, oncology. If you are pregnant or have a chronic medical condition, be sure to check with your doctor.


Let’s summarise how to do home spa treatments:

Build a home spa set of bath salts, various scrubs and peels, soda bombs, masks and wraps. Let’s not forget about scented candles for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Prepare a spa day program and select treatments. Allocate yourself a couple of hours for complete relaxation.

One by one, go through all the procedures – shower, scrubbing, salt bath and wrapping, massages so that the skin becomes healthier, firmer and more tender step by step.

Complete the complex with the rest you’ve always dreamed of – with a cup of tea in your hands and your favourite TV show on your laptop.

Appreciate the benefits of a home spa: beauty of skin and hair, good mood and calm nerves. Be sure to repeat everything at least once a week.

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