Culinary Trip to Washington DC: 5 Spots for Your Taste Buds

Washington is rightly called a gourmet city. For a huge number of cafes and restaurants, their diversity and proportion to the number of local residents, the capital of the United States ranks first in America. It’s not surprising that a large number of people come to Washington every day on a business trip or excursion, and many of them want to taste something unusual. Visiting restaurants and cafes of the city will delight any gourmet, as each establishment has its own delicious specialty.

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In this cozy small pizzeria perhaps the best pizza in Washington is served. This concerns not only the taste but also the price, because for only $10 dollars and in 5 minutes you get the finished result according to your order.

An interesting feature of the pizzeria is that its cooks bake pizza in a wood oven and you can watch the whole process. You can choose the fillings by yourself: anchovies, tuna, vegetables, chicken, mushrooms, or all at once – depends only on the decision of the client. Among drinks – soda, beer and wine are available. By the way, you can order gluten free dough.

Address: 1400 K St NW, Washington, DC

Hours: Friday and Saturday 11am-4am, Sunday-Wednesday 11am-11pm, Thursday 11am-12am



Bright, rich, and eclectic – these adjectives characterize both the interior of the restaurant and the kitchen. All the dishes on the menu were specially selected by Chef Alex McCoy under the inspiration of a long trip to Thailand.

The idea of ​​the restaurant is to feed visitors with the best Thai food and delicious, but cheap beers. Alex managed to do this to the full. In the menu of the restaurant, you’ll find Thai soy noodles, pickled chicken and grilled duck and other spicy dishes. If you are a fan of the Asian dishes, then this is the place that will certainly delight you!

Address: 4515 Willard Ave, Chevy Chase, MD

Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday 10.30am-11pm, Sunday 10.30am-9pm


Alta Strada

Michael Schlow is the chef of the Italian restaurant Alta Strada. He doesn’t develop new Italian dishes and doesn’t set many new lines in the exquisite menu. His goal is to make simple Italian dishes so that they hit the taste buds of visitors.

Alta Strada is a cozy Italian restaurant with checkered tablecloths placed in City Vista complex. It looks like a typical establishment in Little Italy in New York.

Here the menu includes the most delicious versions of classic dishes: creamy mozzarella di buffalo and Burrata with Tuscan pepper and basil, tortellini with porcini mushrooms and ravioli with prosciutto, classic pizza with anchovy and 4 cheeses, as well as an excellent wine list.

Address: 465 K St NW, Washington, DC

Hours: Monday-Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 10.30am-11pm, Sunday 10.30am-10pm


Baked & Wired

If you are among those who usually have an Italian-style breakfast with pastries and coffee, Baked & Wired pastry shop is exactly what you need. You won’t find such an assortment of cupcakes, cookies, gingerbread in icing, cinnabon and fruit pies anywhere in Georgetown.

According to TripAdvisor users, this is the best place for breakfast in Washington DC and the most comfortable place in the city.

In addition to the fact that the staff always happily welcomes guests and is ready to offer the best, there are constantly presentations of new delicious sweets that you can try for free. By the way, the prices are pleasantly attractive. For those who don’t like sweets, excellent sandwiches and pizza are served there.

Address: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC

Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 8am-8pm



Nick and David Wiseman opened a restaurant, paying tribute to Washington traditions – Whaley’s roots go back to the 19th century, when dining rooms with a huge selection of seafood dishes were opened to family members of political workers. Whaley’s is a place for friends and large families, with delicious fish dishes, seasonal specialties, interesting snacks and a great selection of cocktails, beer and wine.

The restaurant’s menu includes Seafood Towers – assorted freshly caught fish and seafood, as well as Carpaccio of different varieties of fish, tempura and salads.

As for drinks, Whaley’s offers classic and unusual cocktails (with rose and cucumber), and many varieties of pink, white and red wine. By the way, alcohol prices are quite affordable there.

Address: 301 Water St SE Ste 115, Washington, DC

Hours: Monday-Thursday 5pm-9.30pm, Friday 5pm-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday 11am-9pm


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