How to Clean Your Home Like A Pro?

How to Clean Your Home Like A Pro?

“Yee! It’s cleaning time! I can’t wait to get started” said no one ever. It’s ok as we completely understand you. Cleaning is universally viewed as just one more chore to add to the ever-growing to-do list. And while it’s not the fanciest or anyone’s favorite thing to do, that doesn’t mean that it should remain that way. With an action plan, a bit of organization, and some positive attitude, your house can quickly shine. And so will you after you admire your job well done. There is no time like the present so let’s get started. Roll up your sleeves and

Prep work makes dream work.

It’s the little things that make all the difference in the world. Start by doing and then crossing these two items off your list. First, take care of the clutter that is lying around. Books that are lying around are just slowing down dusting. Also, they can get soggy and wet from all the cleaning. Clothes that were flung or left around are not something that you want your vacuum to eat up. Just this simple act of tidying up is a good start and you will start to see improvements (and identify hot spots for cleaning) right away. Also, this is sort of prep work, surveillance if you will, of some spots that you may have otherwise missed.

And the second part is letting your cleaning products do their work. Simply spraying or otherwise applying the product only to immediately wipe it off is counterproductive and defeats their purpose. Especially in your bathroom. Sit back and take some time to read the right way to apply them and then let them do their job while you do yours. Apply them to various bathroom surfaces and leave them alone for about 30 minutes. We will both get back to this later and simply rinse off everything. After that, you will need sunglasses to deal with the shine.

Start from the top.

You finally started cleaning, only to come to a sudden realization. You now have to track thru a room you previously cleaned to get to the next room on the list. So now you have to clean the cleaned room as you track dirt with you. Where does it end?

It’s unnecessary double work. Start from the rooms on the top floor and work your way to the bottom. And if you live in a single-floor home, start from the back and work towards your front entrance. That way you don’t drag dirt around and avoid the double work.

So now you can start cleaning each room and begin from top to bottom. Cleaning this way is methodical, as any dirt or dust that falls gets swept in cascades that you apply with each motion. There is no point or reason to double your workload and it just makes sense to use the same logic here. The dust, dirt, cobweb, etc. can only fall and be vacuumed or scooped up after. The word of the day here is efficiency and little tips and tricks go a long way.

A clean investment.

While you are making your home nice and sparkly, keep in mind that this work pays off. Yes, it is a chore, and there is no going around it but the benefits far outweigh the cons. It benefits your mental health as a tidy, pleasant, and clean home is a sight for sore eyes. After coming home from whatever the world has to throw at you, it’s comforting to know that your haven is tidy and sparkly. Also, some exercise and physical movement are beneficial. And it can have a monetary gain. Let’s say, for example, that you are leasing out and found a better place. To get your deposit back the place has to shine so that the contractual obligation can get fulfilled. Landlords can get difficult to deal with when it comes to deposits. It’s better to hire companies that specialize in end of lease cleaning so that you can avoid all of the above. As a bonus, it spares you from the hassle and mental strain. Again, a small investment here pays itself off more than enough in the long run. And your peace of mind is something that can’t have a price tag.

Tools of the trade.

Every job or trade requires a proper tool. Yes, sometimes you must have to buy a cheaper option or the only one available. This item on the list is not something to be done during the afternoon, but it can save you plenty of afternoons in the long run.

Cheap vacuum cleaners, brushes, brooms, mops, etc. (let’s say cleaning tools for shorter) don’t do the same amount and quality of cleaning done as compared to their more expensive counterparts. And you have to use double the time and energy when using them. Now, we are not saying to buy the Ultra Super Deluxe 9000 Vacumtron that costs the same as your car, but some medium-range cleaning tools are more than adequate (and pay for the self after just a couple of uses) to get the job done properly. After using a low-end vacuum, for example, and switching to a mid-range, the change you will see and experience will surely put a smile on your face. And dirt where it belongs, which is away from your home. The same is for various cleaning chemicals, and please bear in mind, that some cheaper alternatives can even be harmful to your health. Any medical bill will be higher than investing a bit more into cleaning supplies.

Have a plan B ready.

There is no shame in admitting that cleaning your home can be bothersome. There are days that you can’t be asked to move a finger, let alone vacuum five rooms. The thought alone that you have to dust, vacuum, and clean the entire home with windows and balconies and whatnot can be a weight that won’t let you leave the couch. And that is fine and completely human. As this is still a guide to cleaning, we suggest cleaning one room per day. Apply all of the above but with one room. For example, the one that you are in at the moment. Or the one you find the dirtiest. And that’s enough for one day. After all, you are just one person. And bit by bit, room by room, and those pesky specks of dust will be long gone. Breaking apart a big task into many smaller ones is a technique from the business sector. So why shouldn’t you do the same? Any progress is better than none.

If you made it this far, you can now say that you have a firmer grasp of things. A to-do list is forming, and all that remains for you is to get going. Honorable mention can go towards music. Put on your favorite band, song, tune. Get your jam going as the broom goes here and there. All those chores will be dust in the wind. And if your other half or a friend that you can call on is in your vicinity, they can become part of the party as well. Two brooms clear faster than one, and everything is easier when there is a friend around.

And after the dust settles, in a trash bag far away, all this is left is to slouch back, get your favorite drink, and toast yourself for a job well done as you admire your work. Cheers! To one more small but clean victory.

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