5 Rare House Cat Breeds We Didn’t Know Existed

5 Rare House Cat Breeds We Didn't Know Existed

Cats are amazing pets and most of us are probably familiar with a lot of cat breeds. Different breeds of cats exist and each breed has its unique characteristics, which makes one cat different from the other cat.

Cats have various sizes, shapes, colors, different eyes color, some have long hair, and some cats are short-haired. The majority of the people are familiar with the most commonly known breeds of cats like Persian, British shorthair, American shorthair, etc.

Besides all these commonly existing cat breeds there are some cat breeds as well. As most people are unfamiliar with because such cats are rarely found in houses as a pet. Some people love keeping a different type of cat with unique characteristics.  Listed below are some of those cats that are rare yet can become a wonderful pet.

Dragon Li Cat

On top of the list comes the Dragon Li Cat, which is the rare yet most attractive cat that exists. It is one of the oldest Chinese cat breeds that believed to be originated from Chinese Mountain cats. Usually, the rare cat breeds are a result of two different breeds of cat but here in the case of Dragon Li, it is not a result of the breeding of two different cats.

The physical appearance of this cat is muscular, long, and powerful with the eyes green, yellow as well as black. It has a medium-length tail with rounded paws. At a first glance, it appears as a wildlife cat but it does not belong to wildlife cat’s species.

Although you can keep this cat at home like any other cat it should also be vaccinated and the first vaccination must be given at the age of two months. Similarly, Dragon Li also needs exercise and interaction with their owner or other humans like other cats do, as it is an essential part of pet keeping. Besides feeding a healthy and notorious diet is crucial to let your cat survive a healthy and happy life.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The next rare house cat is the native of Norway and named as Norwegian Forest cat. You can easily distinguish this breed of cat due to her sturdy physical appearance. It has muscular features with double coated fur and this cat fully grows at the age of five years.

According to nature and personality, these cats love playing and they are fun-loving. But due to physical appearance, it is usually misunderstood that it is an aggressive and moody cat. Norwegian cats love interacting with humans and especially children.

The double outer coat and the dense inner coat make this cat more attractive. Although this cat gives wildlife or a forest cat appearance still it is not that type and it makes an amazing pet.

Egyptian Mau

A short to a medium-sized cat with short hair and natural spots on the body comes to the Egyptian Mau. It is considered one of the rare cats due to the natural spots on the body and unique colors. The most commonly seen colors of this cat are bronze, smoke, or black, and in rare cases, it can also be seen in caramel and silver color.

This amazing cat can live a healthy life up to 12 to 15 years if proper care and attention is provided. Egyptian Mau loves playing and its fun-loving spirit makes it interactive to humans or the owners. The mix of two breeds involves greater health risks for Egyptian Mau. But keeping it as a pet you need to take special care about a healthy diet and veterinarian visits are a must like other cats.


LaPerm the curly-coated cat is one of the other amazing rare cats on the list. This cat is the friendliest, active, and playful cat that likes spending time with the owner. LaPerm, the unique coated cat is a result of spontaneous mutation and you can find this cat in various colors.

The unique and different top-coat makes it the rarest cats that exist. The approximate weight of LaPerm is about 5 to 10 pounds, they become fully mature at the age of 3 years and the lifespan is 10 to 15 years. But other cats with their natural habit, LaPerm also likes climbing, jumping, and playing. Yet it is a unique but amazing pet to keep at home.


The rare and unique cats do exist and what makes them different is the physical appearance or behavior. Although few cats appear different and have different characteristics but keeping them as pat provides an amazing experience to the owners. People love keeping a certain type of cat that fits their lifestyle. Some rare and unique cats with different characteristics turn out to be a perfect match for many people.

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