How Busy Professionals Can Remain Slim?

It may cross your mind that your work pattern could make you fat. In fact, this problem could be something that may send you to an early grave. White collar professionals may spend half of their waking hours engaging in sedentary activities, like sitting down in front of their laptop for many hours. In today’s business environment, it’s not uncommon to see employees get bogged down by urgent work, deadlines and projects. They can be so busy that they don’t have the time to walk out of the office for lunch. They simply order food delivery and eat at their desk while continue working. The combination of poor diet and lack of real physical activity could have dire effect on our health, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and various cardiovascular issues, such as heart attack. If you can’t escape busy lifestyle, you can do the following to remain slim and healthy:

  • Eat your breakfast: Breakfast is often considered as the most important meal of the day. A quality breakfast can make a difference in terms of productivity throughout the day. People who don’t have fulfilling breakfast or even skip breakfast may have unhealthy snacking while working or overeat during lunch. A proper breakfast could kick start your metabolism, so you will feel more energetic, because your body burns carbs and fat more efficiently.
  • Bring your own healthy lunch: In some situations, you simply don’t have the time to leave the room. You may only be able to spare 15 minutes for a quick lunch and it won’t be enough if you go to the next door cafe. Also, takeaway and food court meals are often prepared with fewer considerations on health factors. As an example, salad may appear healthy, but you may not know that the dressing could be made of a few high-fat ingredients. Homemade lunch is always preferable and you will always know what ingredients you include in it. If you absolutely don’t have any time to cook for breakfast and lunch, you could always prepare them the night before. Quick to use ingredients such as sundried tomatoes, organic sunflower mayo, cucumber and mixed salads can become great ingredients for your breakfast or lunch.
  • Get proper sleep: Without proper sleep, you can feel extremely tired and sleep. Lack of sleep could also ruin your metabolism. Not only you feel weak, you will also burn fewer calories during rest state. If you feel weak, you tend to eat more and this will make your condition worse. Extra calories could go straight to your hips.
  • Stay away of hidden calories: You may have cautiously calculated calories obtained from regular meals. You should know that a cup of coffee, followed by soft drinks, vitamin water and finally Redbull at the end of your work could give you plenty of extra calories. It could be quite surprising to know that there are many hidden calories. As an example, a can of coke contain 260 calories and a latte cappuccino contributes 200 calories to your daily intakes.
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