How to Manage Stress With Nutrients?

It is often said that you should manage stress by modifying your mind and spiritual aspects. In reality, your physical condition has an effect your stress level as well. When you are distressed for a longer period of time, your body will release an excess amount of cortisol, which will be damaging to your body. An elevated level of cortisol in your body will promote the free radical effect to your cells. This will also encourage inflammation, which could weaken you.

In reality, anxiety and weakness are symptoms of malnutrition. If you feel the stress continuously, consider whether you actually lack a nutrient or two. If you have chronic stress, you should take “adaptogen” herbs. These are special herbs that have been used for centuries to keep our body in balance. If you are feeling fatigued, adaptogen herbs can restore your physical energy. It brings benefits like caffeine, but without the usual side effects, like feeling nervous and jittery. If your mind is not at a stable state, adaptogen herbs can help to calm your body. You can also maintain the proper activity of central nervous system, heart, kidney, liver and adrenal glands.

Adaptogen herbs include astragalus, ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba, licorice root, rhodiola rosea and schizandra. You may also consider consuming various variants of ginsengs, such as Siberian ginseng, Korean ginseng and Chinese ginseng. You should be able to get ashwagandha extract from various health food stores. Depending on your stress level, you can take two to four caps a day, which are spaced evenly. When using any herbal extract, you should follow carefully the instructions. Siberian ginseng is a wonderful adaptogen that can become your daily supplements. During the time of stress, Siberian ginseng could provide additional energy without putting excessive pressure on the adrenal glands. Caffeine and energy drinks may give us the same effects, but the side effects can be quite annoying.

It’s a good idea to consume supplements if you are feeling stress. Make sure that your supplements contain vitamin B complex, magnesium and calcium. The multivitamin should help to relax tension and calm the nerves. You should know that B complex vitamins, vitamin C and antioxidants will stay inside our body for nor more than 12 hours. Because these substances are water soluble, they will be excreted through urine. It means that you need to consume water-soluble vitamins twice a day. Our body uses anti-stress nutrients more during difficult times. When we are vulnerable, our immune system is somewhat vulnerable.

B complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium an calcium will be used up quite rapidly, when the immune system is under attack and during times of stress. Also, you should not forget to do meditation, practice prayers and get enough rest. You should count the blessings and try t be positive all the time. Try to keep a healthy sense of humor and do regular physical exercise, so you can relieve benefit and tension. Avoid fried food, because high intake of bad fat won’t make your feel easier. However, you should take fish oil capsules daily due to its anti-inflammation effect.

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