Things To Be Careful Of When Applying Nail Polish At Home

The most common problem is that nail polish chips off and the amount of polish used gets wasted for nothing. By this, I mean that girls put on too much polish that results in increased thickness. When a nail polish is thick, it tends to start chipping off. It means that when you paint your nail with the polish, you don’t cover the edges and other parts of the nail. With polish missing from the edges, it will start chipping off faster.


One of the problems by doing so is that you cannot allow the adequate amount of time for your nail to dry. This will make the polish to stay wet underneath and it will start chipping right away. Also, you cannot  use a topcoat to protect the polish from chipping. The process differs if you have a gel nail polish set. So check out for that too. 


Before you start applying the polish to your nails, you’ll need to select the right color. If your toes are done to match an outfit you’ll be wearing with open shoes to go somewhere special, then you should probably match your hands or wear something neutral on your hands like white tips or a soft coat. Most people don’t spend a lot of time with their fingernails right next to their toenails in daily life, so it’s not likely that you’re going to clash terribly. We can easily prevent these things from happening if we learn how to apply nail polish properly, follow this quick guide:


How to apply nail polish properly:


  • After prepping your nails for cleaning, filing and pushing back the cuticles make sure to wipe them clean with nail polish remover to insure that there are no oils left on the nail.


  • Start with a good base coat, roll the bottle of polish in your hands, and don’t shake it. It makes the polish last longer and protect the nails from being stained. Use a quality polish to coat the nail in three even, thin strokes. Make sure that you  seal the edge of the nail by running the brush along it to prevent chipping and tip wear. 


  • Wait for about 10 minutes for the coat to dry and then repeat until the desired opacity is reached. This means you have to get around 2-3 coats.


  • Repeat this procedure on each nail. (Small nail first, Move the brush upwards along the left curve of your nail)


  • Apply a good base coat, one with nail hardeners. Wait at least 20 minutes for it to dry or until it’s completely dry.


  • Apply a strong top coat by repeating the same procedure with hardeners. A top coat will make the polish wear better and make it glossy looking.


  • Once your nails are completely dry, clean up your nails with cu-tip and nail polish remover. 


  • Trace the edges of your nails with nail polish remover.

 The above-mentioned steps help you get the best nail polish for your fingers and make them appear super-sexy and beautiful. It is a good practice that you use a clear coat polish that strengthens your nail and reduces chipping.

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