Three Ways to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Our New Year resolution is often about breaking old habits. Our lifestyle is consisted of many different habits, some are good and others are bad. Thus, changing many of our habits is like changing our lifestyle. Unfortunately, vast majority of people fail in keeping their New Year resolutions. Old habits slowly creep back and eventually, we are the same old person again. Here are ways to keep your resolutions much longer and hopefully, permanently:

  1. Describe your resolutions positively: Our New Year resolutions often have negative words in them. We often say, stop smoking, stop mistrusting people, losing weight, not argue so much and avoid stress. Instead, we should say breathe in only fresh air, trust people, have ideal bodyweight, talk constructively and be more relaxed. If we have positive goals, they will be much more likely to become successful than having negative goals. Our mind creates pictures depending on how we describe them. We get positivity if we focus on positivity. If we feel positive, it is more likely we stick to the new habit. Instead of trying hard to lose weight, we should picture of having ideal body weight.
  2. Fit your resolutions into your future: When we have New Year resolution, we expect that our habit will fit miraculously into our daily lives through sheer willpower. You may have an ideal image in your mind about preferred situation in the future, but with no timescale attached. We just say that we want it and we want it instantly. It’s a mistake to think that you already have it because you decide to have it. If you want to be successful, you should set a realistic timeline to fit a new habit into your future lifestyle. A new habit may have a wide-ranging effect into your lifestyle, because one habit could affect others. Walk down the timeline and consider what changes that you will encounter. If you think that your timeline is realistic and doable, then you should burn it into your mind. Always have your goals in sight and see what’s beyond. It would also be helpful if you have a clear, strong and colourful mental image. It means that visualization is essential to maintain your resolutions. This way, if you have a few minor setbacks, it’s always possible to get yourself back on track.
  3. Expect to change your lifestyle: Many people make a big mistake by attempting to break some old habits and expecting to have the same lifestyle. New habits may actually interfere with your daily routines, so adjustments in schedules are needed. Have conscious awareness that your resolutions will cause modification to your lifestyle. You should know that some routines could change and know that you will become a different person once you have a few new habits. As an example, you could be in places you have never been before and your social life will change as well. You need to inform people around you about your new habit and what changes that will happen in terms relationship.
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