Benefits Of Magnetic Wristband For Hairdresser

From monthly scheduled trims to hair updos appointments, professional beauticians and hairdressers are always prepared to perform a variety of hair care and hairstyling services.

But what if you are a newbie in business? How would you know what kind of strategy or tools the professional hairstylist use? Or How those tools are beneficial for you?

In case you are keen on turning into a beautician, or you are already in the business and want to improve your services, it’s important to upgrade and acquaint yourself with the latest gadgets you may need to deliver optimum results in your work.

Though, there are different sorts of hairdressing tools in the market (varying in performance and pricing), Magnetic Wristband is known as the highest priority gadget for any beautician to have.

Before jumping into the benefits of magnetic wristband for hairdresser, let us cover the basics of what tools a beautician or a salon should have:

Cutting Tools

Beauticians around the world utilize diverse trimming equipment to cut, thin, and shape the hair. The necessary cutting tools include razors, scissors, shears, and blades. The hairdressers utilize scissors for a haircut, whereas razors are utilized to shape the haircut.

Styling Tools

While every salon may have the necessary cutting tools, there is also the necessity of having styling tools to do the job. Styling gadgets may incorporate hair curling accessories, bobby pins, colorful hair clips, a hair straightener, or perhaps hot rollers.

As a professional beautician, you need various sizes and types of styling tools to deliver a smooth and quick service. For instance, the hairdresser requires big hair curlers and wide length straightener for thick and long hair.  On the other hand, thin straightener and small hair curlers are needed for short hair. Pins and clips are usually used for making braids, ponytails, and updos.

Now, either the cutting tools or the styling tools, a hairstylist needs them both yet he or she also needs a gadget that can hold multiple tools at once. Why? Because such gadget helps in giving better and more quicker performance.

And that gadget is our Magnetic Wristband.

From creating smooth updos to giving a high-end cut to the client, Magnetic Wristband is made to make the life of hairdressers across the globe much easier.

The benefits of magnetic wristband are countless, it is a perfect tool for beauticians to hold bobby pins, clips, combs, and even scissors. The latest trend refers to a Magnetic wristband as a “Star performer” because it delivers the convenience of holding multiple tools.

It eliminates the struggles of grabbing each equipment one-by-one to provide hair related services. Also, it saves time of a hairdresser to get his or her tools ready, because all you need is a wristband that carries your basic tools and you are ready to go.

The utilization of scissors, shears, bobby pins and comb in a salon is becoming more simpler and faster now – all thanks to the new Magnetic Wristband from the Salon Armor.

Magnetic wristband from the Salon Armor gives you the ease of wearing multiple tools at once.

  • It is hygienic and safe to use.
  • It gives a more professional look when you wear it in front of your clients.
  • It takes out the need to reach across the table just to snatch some pins.

The beauty industry grows each year and new tools emerge in the market every week. To keep up the pace of being the best in the business, you need to add an up-to-date tool in your list and a magnetic wristband by the Salon Armor does the trick.


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